Due to the diminished images by our auditorium projector and its anticipated replacement within a few weeks, we will be conducting our song services without the projector for the next several weeks. Please use the songbooks and follow the song leader as we worship together. Thanks for your help and understanding.


We will be collecting money for the Getty Street Church of Christ in Uvalde to use in relief work concerning the recent mass shooting tragedy. If you would like to participate in this collection, please, put a notation on your check for “UVALDE” or cash can be handed to the elders with your instructions. We will collect funds through the end of this month and then send it on to Uvalde.


Next Sunday, June 26 after morning worship: Hosts and hostesses will be: Ray & Sue Baggett, Allen & Jalyn Smith, Kathy Patterson and Don & Paula Welch.


Pat Devore has dropped her landline and now uses her cell phone only. That number is available from the church office.


“And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”” Romans 10:15

Photo by Adrianna Calvo on Pexels.com

First report from Kyle Hankins (Part 1) since their AIM team arrived in Alaska. Keep them in your prayers. For the elders, Ken D

KERYGMA with KYLE HANKINS – May 2022 Issue 8


We’ve arrived to Alaska!! I cannot believe it’s already been two weeks. We’ve done so much since we’ve been here and haven’t stopped running a 100 mph. From orientation to youth forums, YAG, VBS’s, and visiting congregations all around Alaska.

Photo by Kyle Hankins

My Coordinator and the Team

Mike Katkus, 33, is the coordinator here in Alaska. He and his wife, Annie, have two kids. Their names are Yunity and Myles. We have Team Day together on Tuesdays and he mentors us every Wednesday. Team Day is a day of fellowship with one another as a team, while Mentor is a day of recognition of when/how we could better ourselves in a manner that’s in step with God’s statutes. The amount of time and effort he invests in us is very admirable. In addition to our coordinator, we have the previous AIM team from last year overlapping our time as well. Gracie (20, from Washington) and Natalie (20, from Alabama) are the sweetest people you could ever meet. Our team does everything together and is very unified.

YAG is short for Young Adult Group.

Every Sunday evening, we have dinner, a bible study, and time spent with one Adult Group. Every Sunday evening, we have dinner, a bible study, and time spent with one another on a volleyball court. We have about 20 or so young adults that attend from church. And we try to invite others to join us for fellowship. I’ve been mostly acquainted with Joseph, a soon-to-be graduate from high school. His living situation isn’t the easiest at the moment, so reaching out to him and being a light and friend to him in this moment seems like it could bring him peace in a stressful time.


Orientation was held the first few days we were in Alaska at Midnight Sun Bible Camp, the camp the team and I will be counseling. Initiation involved us jumping into freezing cold water and having no running water for a few days. Our only access to heat were from building fires. It was such a fun experience, with time getting to know one another. We fished and canoed. But we also discussed expectations and goals for our time here on the field.


This weekend spending time with the youth kids and getting to know the youth from all different places in Alaska was so much fun! I really enjoyed connecting with a student in the Anchorage area, Luke, and leading songs and activities. Most of the youth I’ve met will all be at Bible camp, so I was happy to be able to connect with them in some fashion before camp began.


On the 28th, we slept in the church building. I had prepared a lesson on “Peacemaking”. Tucker was still dealing with family stuff, so he was unable to preach. Thankfully, we had other men take part in Church services. Five members attended that day and were all very sweet and welcoming. What a blessing to partake in fellowship with that church family. I look forward to seeing them again once we go back through Seward.


• Foster Camp (June 12th-17th)
• Harding arrives (June 18th)
• Anchorage VBS (June 20th-22nd)
• Seward (June 25th-27th)
• Family camp (July 1st-4th)
• Midnight Sun Bible Camp
• Primary week (July 4th-9th)
• Junior week (July 10th-15th)
• Senior week (July 17th-23rd)
• Denali (July 25th-27th)
• Trip to Lubbock for sister’s wedding
• (July 28th-August 5th)
• Kodiak (August 6th-14th)
• Youth retreat (September 2nd-5th)
• Valdez (September 16th-19th

Photo by Kyle Hankins

Prayer Requests!

Welcomed! Our welcome here in the state of Alaska has been wonderful and will hopefully continue as such.

Safe Travels!

We are constantly on the move. As soon as we arrived, we hit the ground running and have yet to stop. Though it’s only been two weeks, we’ve had four trips. And much more to come this summer.

Living Arrangements!

Tucker and I just bought an apartment! We are now in the process of finding furniture and have some things lined up for us.


We bought a vehicle. However, there were multiple issues that the owner wasn’t honest about we need to fix.

Thank you!

Thank you for keeping me on your mind and prayers. Such an encouragement. I am so blessed because of each one of you and all of your support in my works for the Kingdom of our Lord. I am here, to be all in, as a servant, for His Glory.

God Bless!

I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t by the grace of my Lord’s hand… and yours. You mean so much to me and I pray that my work would be pleasing to yours, but most importantly, God’s eyes. God Bless, Church Family. May He show prosperity in all of your endeavors.

Much Love ~ Kyle Hankins

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