This morning, Sunday, April 17th,  we welcome Kyle Hankins as guest speaker in our worship assembly. Kyle is the grandson of our Danny & Nancy Hankins, and he is associated with “Adventures in Missions”, on the Alaska team.  We are looking forward to his report on his work with the Alaska team and a short devotional during our worship hour.


On April 20th, we plan to start a new Wednesday night class on “Preparing for Heaven”. This will be a video presentation of six lessons taught by Don Blackwell. The format of these lessons will mimic a “Gospel Meeting”. So it would be a great time to invite non-Christians to come learn about getting to heaven!


The congregation is always looking for men who would like to join the Sunday morning Bible class team! If you would like to teach a lesson or two on Sunday morning, or perhaps a lesson series on Wednesday night, please, mention it to one of the elders.


The Sunset Ridge Church of Christ in Brady, TX. will be conducting two sessions this summer at the Heart of Texas Bible Camp. This children’s camp provides a week of fun, fellowship and Bible learning for kids of all ages.

 Session One: For grades 4-7 (June 5th – June 10th)

 Session Two: For grades 8-12 (June 12th – June 17th)

The congregation will be providing the funds for any children/grandchildren of the congregation to attend the camp. If you have a child who is interested in attending, please, contact Joe for the necessary forms and information.


Our Fellowship Meal, on next Sunday, April 24th will be hosted by: Pat DeVore, Gary Crabtree, Sherry Wills and Sheri & David Zoller. Thank you!


“And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”” Romans 10:15

Photo by Adrianna Calvo on Pexels.com

For many years we have partnered with Gospel Chariot Missions in spreading the Gospel mainly on the continent of Africa. We are excited to see that their work is spreading to share God in Latin America among seekers there. Please keep this great work in your prayers. From the elders, Ken D

Hi Everyone,

This is our Latin American report and there is so much happening with this amazing work. The Spanish speaking world is on fire and our director of Latin America is Fernando Toledo, and here is a classic example of one man being trained up in the 4 fields evangelism tools and who is now reaching not only a town, but a continent for Jesus as churches call on him to come and equip them and teach them how to reach their communities with simple, biblical and reproducible evangelism tools.


1. We will be building a big gospel chariot for Latin America based out of the USA. Let’s pray, if it’s God’s Will, that we get a fleet of them in years to come. God is up to something big.

Photo by Gospel Chariot Missions

2. We are touring the USA in October, sharing some wonderful stories about what God is doing through you all. Fernando will be with me and some others as we travel. So please join us in a city near you.

That said, our USA Tour in October will not be just about promoting our work and raising funds, but even more important is contacting every Hispanic Church of Christ in every city we plan to visit; inviting them to come hear what God is doing in the Spanish world. Why are we doing that? Because we have lostness in mind and we are following God’s leads in the Spanish world. God is Great and we need to thank you all for what is happening throughout the world. Let us pray for Latin America and the Hispanic population in the USA and not forgetting our English brethren, but this is about Latin America and you partnering with us.

In Him,

Brother George Funk and the amazing GCM and GSM team

Gospel Chariot Missions – “Win the Lost, Train the Saved”

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