In addition to our collective sympathy expression last week . . . .
If you would like to send a sympathy card to Dollene Pearson‘s daughter, her address is accessible from the church office.


Next Eating Out Together will be on Thursday, March 17th at ―Gio‘s‖ in Llano about 5:00 PM. Bill Flanary will put a sign -up sheet on the table in the back of the auditorium.


“And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”” Romans 10:15

Photo by Adrianna Calvo on Pexels.com

It is exciting to hear from Kyle Hankins, whom we help support in the Adventures In Missions (AIM) program, especially as he with his team prepare for their mission work in Alaska. Please keep them in your prayers. For the elders, Ken D


What a blessing it is to have a wonderful team and a wonder field. The Lord has a plan, and it is His will – not mine – that it is to be done. I am so excited to begin this journey with four wonderful people, and my future coordinator, Michael Katkus. We had the privilege to call Mike and meet the current on-field AIMers there currently. I absolutely cannot wait to be working by their side!!!

Photo from Kyle Hankins

This third term we have just now started is entirely focused on the team – settling possible future disputes, disagreements, and the like. We are also expected to make decisions as a team in a synergizing way. With that in mind, we have decided to put all social media, video games, or anything electronic aside to have our full attention on what is important. Upon that, our car usage and eating out at restaurants are now limited, so we may have the full experience.

Finals are completed and the hardest part of AIM is out of the way!!I am so relieved to have that completed and on to working with my team. This experience has been an outstanding blessing. Looking forward what the Lord has in store for all five of us.

The picture to the left is my wonderful team heading to Alaska. First from the left, is Tucker (from Area Church), then Dace, Jade, and Emily (also from Area Church). These people are so wonderful and I’m so happy to have them along with me for the next two years. Jade is the “cool aunt”, as she likes to call it. Emily is the “fun and goofy sister”. Tucker is the awkward, quiet, joker. And Dace is the insightful teacher. God Bless!

I wouldn’t be here, and have the opportunity to travel to Alaska, if it wasn’t by the grace of my Lord’s hand… and yours. You mean so much to me and I pray that my work would be pleasing to yours, but most importantly, God’s eyes. God Bless, Church Family. May He show prosperity in all of your endeavors.

Much Love,

~ Kyle Hankins

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