This morning we welcome Kirk Eason who is the development director in the USA for the South Africa Bible College (Benoni State, South Africa), SABC. Kirk will give a report in our Bible class and he will also preach for us. We are looking forward to the information about the work at SABC and his message.


Sunday, December 5th………Guest speaker: Kirk Eason (SABC)

Sunday, December 5th………..Holiday Fellowship Meal

Our Holiday Fellowship Luncheon takes place today immediately after our morning worship hour. We hope that everyone can stay, our visitors included, who are our special guests.


A memorial service for Lynn Patterson is scheduled at 11 AM on Tuesday, December 7th here in our building.


We will be collecting a special contribution for the work of EEM on Sunday, December 12th through Sunday, December 19th. Please consider giving generously to this wonderful work.


“And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”” Romans 10:15

Photo by Adrianna Calvo on Pexels.com


The following report concerns recent evangelical work in Nigeria by a team of workers including Mike Udam and literature from Sylvester Imogoh whom we have long supported. Continue to pray for these efforts. For the elders, Ken D


Dearly beloved brethren,

Here is a report of our just concluded lectureship: The 9th annual lectureship and evangelism ended well to the glory of God. 493 participants attended. Three classes ran simultaneously.

The adult class focused on HOW TO PREPARE YOUR CHILDREN FOR TOMORROW. In the youth class comprising all teenagers and young unmarried adults, they were taught on a topic HOW TO PREPARE YOURSELF FOR TOMORROW. In the two children’s classes, they were taught about the story of the creation in the book of Genesis. The adult class was outside the church auditorium in a make-shift local tent while the youths used the main church auditorium.

We are happy that the goal of the seminar was achieved. Through the church, the entire northern Cross River state of Nigeria was impacted with parenting capacity and young people with skills needed to live rightly as children of God. We spent evenings of Thursday 25th, Friday 26th, and night of Saturday 27th to preach to the people of Ikpashor, another village of Ukpagada being separated by a river with no bridge. A short canoe ride was the only way out and we had no option but to use it to get the gospel to the lost. Our desire was to get souls and establish a congregation there.

We succeeded only in sowing the seed in their hearts. We were blessed with a precious soul on Saturday Night and we thank God for that.

As a congregation, we plan to continue to storm that village with the gospel until we get visible results. The soul that was baptized does not stay in that village. We shared Bibles to non-believers present alongside tracts from Sylvester Imogoh of Outreach Print Ministry. His materials were shared with most adults in the three days gospel campaign.

From the human eyes, we can say that it was a huge success. We thank God for the opportunity to serve. We have started plans for the 10th edition. We are grateful for all your support and request God to bless you all abundantly.

Sincerely. Mike Udam

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