“I just thank you so much for the cards, gifts and coming to my “Surprise Party”!

I feel I have reached a milestone and I am happy to be doing that right here at the Highland Lakes church of Christ with my Christian family.”

I love you! Norma Bryan


. . . Sunday, October 31st after morning worship

Hosts and hostesses: Bill & Mary K. Flanary, Pat DeVore, Janet Fietz and Sherry Wills & Ken Love


The Highland Lakes Honor Guard is looking for additional members. This group of veterans assists with honoring veterans at funerals and graveside services. If you would like additional information, see Gary Crabtree, who serves with this group.


“And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”” Romans 10:15

Photo by Adrianna Calvo on Pexels.com

An update of work in Ukpagada, Nigeria, by Mike Udam whom we help support. Please keep this work in your prayers. For the elders, Ken D


Dearly beloved,

The work of the Lord within the periods of July and September 2021 had been very rich in the eyes of man. I hope the Lord will be satisfied with the labors of his servant who according to Luke 17:10 is an unworthy servant.

Within the church meeting at Ukpagada, the Lord blessed our effort with 5 souls to the glory of God. We also lost three souls to the devil for not walking orderly as the Lord directed.

Externally, my team and I spent two weeks in Kenya to strengthen the church there and to the glory of God, the network of my preaching was expanded. My lessons I share daily on Facebook and WhatsApp now feed the church in Kenya, Eswatini, South Africa and the West Africa sub region.

Back at home in Nigeria, I had made a trip to Oron 430 km from Ogoja to speak to church leaders there during the Oro Leadership retreat.

We also spent a weekend in Wula eastern Boki, to strengthen the church there. God blessed our effort with 8 souls. We are planning a big mission there in December this year. Lord willing and with available funds, we will storm the area and hope to make a huge impact.

Photo By Mike Udam

Within this period, our enrollment in WBS got reactivated. Our strategy is now to catch them young. So, most of the students we have now are school students. Close to 100 have so far been enrolled during this period.

Keep me in your prayers. After eight years of work at Ukpagada, I thought the workload would reduce, it is now that the workload has increased. I now teach Bible classes in the two new congregations that we established (Ukpe = Thursday and Okuku = Friday) in addition to my two days at Ukpagada. As of now, with our dwindling economy, my expenditure on fuel and vehicle maintenance is now very huge.

The summary is that the work must be done and I am available. Thank you for your continued support. It has boosted my work so much to the glory of God.

My first daughter, NT-Rose, is through with secondary school at the age of 16. She is warming up to enter the university in the next three months or so. Pray for her.

In the last quarter of this year, our lectureship is the main focus of my drive. We shall have evangelism, open air preaching and indoor lectures. It is scheduled for between the 25th-28th of November.

God bless you all.

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