For Everything There is a Season, a Time for Every Purpose (Eccl. 3:1)

The elders believe the time has come for fellowship, that is, a fellowship meal. Conditions permitting, we intend to resume our monthly fellowship meals after the morning assembly on the last Sunday of each month. We realize that there may be some who are not comfortable yet with the idea of gathering for a meal, but there are many who feel ready to take this next step toward what was “normal” 18 months ago.

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We intend to have our first fellowship meal of 2021 on Sunday, October 31st. We invite everyone to get out their cookbooks and bring something delicious to share after we have worshipped our Lord together on the 31st of October! If all goes well, we will have our annual “Holiday” fellowship meal on Sunday, December 5th after morning worship (this typically takes the place of the November and December fellowship meals). Please mark these dates on your calendars and pray for the success of these plans. We hope to see you there! — Joe

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