Ladies Class will start up again on Wednesday, September 15th, at 10 AM, in the Fellowship Room.

Study will continue in the previous book, starting with “James.” Let Gail Darnell know, if you need a book, she will order more books.


In a recent visit with Kay Parker we learned that she is in the process of moving to the Lubbock area, where she will be near family. If you care to drop her a note, the immediate address is available from the church office.~~ Cary Miller


Man up! — How Iron Sharpens Iron: Preparing to Pass the Baton to the Next Generation

On September 18th, the Cherokee Home for Children will be hosting a day for men (only!) to come together in brotherhood and camaraderie to hear some terrific speakers and have fun doing some “manly” things. There will also be a BBQ and demonstrations on lots of activities enjoyed by men.

There is a sign-up sheet at the back of the auditorium. Men, please sign up before the deadline, Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 1ST !


Since much of our congregation is at this time fully vaccinated for the COVID virus, wearing a protective mask is now optional in our services. But we encourage the unvaccinated and those who feel more secure with a mask to continue wearing one.


“And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”” Romans 10:15

Photo by Adrianna Calvo on Pexels.com

The following is the July report from Kaylee Hankins whom we help support in Adventures in Missions in Lubbock. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. For the elders, Ken D

Hey gang!!
This month has been crazy! I’ve had VBS the first week of July, our mission trip the following week, and I’ve been meeting new college students! I am ecstatic to have new students to spend time with and get to know! There will be a few changes this year!
As you know, the new AIM class will be starting within the next couple of weeks! They will be a little more involved with The Well and take part in the small groups and other leadership positions! It’ll be a fantastic way for them to prepare for the field! And not to mention that my brother, Kyle, will be in this class. I’m thankful I’ll get to share some time with him and do ministry with him before he figures out his field.
Speaking of which, if you know of anyone or would like to partner alongside of him and support him financially let me know! He would be so appreciative and so would I!


My Family – As you know things have changed in January, and they seem to stay the same at the moment. Kyle Hankins – my brother is going to be in this next class starting in just a couple weeks! He needs prayers for financial support 🙂

The Well Start Up – College students will be traveling over the next couple of weeks. We are praying for great opportunities to grow the kingdom!

Openness — Open our eyes and hearts to the hurting and to reach out our hands to touch the untouchable.


We had the privilege to partner with two impactful ministries. Thursday morning we spent the entire day organizing, painting, cleaning the church on the college campus, getting ready for the new year to start. On Friday, woke up at 5AM & picked to pour coffee as we were on our way to Haven for Hope. It’s not only a homeless shelter but a place to seek refuge & for them to let go of their addictions. I can say I was pushed very far outside my comfort zone, but it was such a humbling experience to serve them.


New and great things will be happening with The Well. They will start some new construction starting with our bathrooms! It’s exciting times! (And needed, ha-ha) We have big plans for The Well in the future 🙂 We are having new ministry opportunities opening up not only for the college students in The Well, but also for our new Aimers joining the program in just a few days! They will have the opportunity to work alongside of us and also learn some leadership skills!

I’m so excited that we are close for college to start! I’m thrilled to see new faces and hear their stories. We will be starting up our tabling at Texas Tech. However things will look different, since there were some aggressive street preachers condemning everyone who walked by. It will make things a little harder, but who says we can’t handle some heat, eh? It will be a learning process!


Lubbock Impact has kind of been on hold in July for me. The church who organized this non-profit organization took over during the summer so they can prep & work on opening their doors to 100% in the Aug. The number of people coming has decreased since they started back up again feeding families in the evenings instead of the mornings. But we hold on to hope to spreading the Word & serving our community in the best & healthiest way possible. I hope you can join in prayers for all of our ministries starting back up in the month of August & September!! Exciting times!!!

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