Man up! — How Iron Sharpens Iron – Preparing to Pass the Baton to the Next Generation
On September 18th, the Cherokee Home for Children will be hosting a day for men (only!) to come together in brotherhood and camaraderie to hear some terrific speakers and have fun doing some “manly” things. There will also be a BBQ and demonstrations on lots of activities enjoyed by men.
There is a sign-up sheet at the back of the auditorium. Men, please sign up before the deadline, Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 1ST!

Ladies Class will start up again on Wednesday, September 15th, at 10 AM, in the Fellowship Room.
The ladies will continue in the previous study book, starting with “James.” Ladies, if you cannot find your book, please let Gail Darnell know, so she can order more books. Also, if you are new in our congregation and want to attend Ladies Class, let Gail know that and she will provide you with a book. Several ladies will teach again, at this time we don’t know which teacher will be first.

Since the vast majority of our congregation is at this time fully vaccinated from the COVID virus, wearing a protective mask is now optional in our services. But we encourage the unvaccinated and those who feel more secure with a mask to continue wearing one.


“And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”” Romans 10:15

Photo by Adrianna Calvo on Pexels.com

We are pleased to hear from the Emperados in the Philippines in part two the following report. Remember them and the work of the Gospel there. For the elders, Ken D

Dear Family and Friends,
The Seyer Training Center is struggling to continue during the lockdowns. Since we can’t have students from other islands, and the government is restricting travel within the island of Negros, and limiting the number of people who can be gathered for a function, service, or class, it has been very difficult to have regular session of classes. We have a welding class going for only a few students. We also started a cooking class two times a week. I have become friends with a chef from a big restaurant that used to be next to me office, but it closed due to the lockdown and restrictions placed on eating out. This will provide another livelihood skill to help our Seyer Students and church members.

The SONE (School of National Evangelism) classes are being worked into our radio work and online classes for right now. We are using some of the SONE funds to pay for airing my lessons on the radio and renting my little office to make a recording place for more online class materials. This is one of the things the film maker is helping me improve.

Meanwhile, as you all know, our church planting work has been put on hold due to COVID situation. We had hope to plant the last two churches in 2020. The funds have been raised and things were looking so good. Tse Ming and I made a survey trip to Basco, Batanes, in January 2020 before COVID shut things down. While there, we met a young man who grew up in the Christian church (in the Philippines they are called the Instrumental Churches of Christ). The main difference with us is the use of instruments in worship. His name is Oswald Abad, he spent two years in Manila studying at the Christian church’s seminary. He has a very good foundation in Bible. The Christian church has been in Basco for many years and have a building, but it’s doors were closed and they have no worship services going on while we were there.

Oswald and I exchanged phone numbers and Facebook pages. We communicate each week. He listens to my radio programs regularly, the Impact Counseling and Worship Without Borders. During the pandemic, Oswald started reopening the old church building with a handful of members he reached out to and they started having an Acapella service every week. He has been teaching and baptizing new members. They now have around 20 attending their weekly service. The old preacher got wind of what was going on and came back trying to wield his old authority and wanting to reintroduce instrumental music. In the Philippines, we have a saying, “Nobody cares about the mango tree until it produces ripened fruits.” Please pray for Oswald, he is asking my advice about what to do, whether they should move out or stay? He hates for this to cause a division in the church, but it seems about 90% of the members want to remain an Acapella church and want Oswald to continue preaching and teaching.

I have never had this kind of experience in my 25 years of planting churches. Basco is so unique. Shall we call it a new church or a restoration? And this happened in the middle of COVID! I have started an online class for Basco, I hope it will help edify the Christians there. Please pray for the Christians in Basco that they can remain united and focused on sharing the Good News.

Times have been very difficult here for the last 16 months, but we will never allow COVID to beat us and our mission. People are really struggling and hurting now more than ever. We have so much work to do. We need to pray that we can follow the words of Paul more bravely and really believe “we are more than conquerors through Christ.” (Romans 8:37) We are resolved more than ever before to take the gospel no matter what the circumstances maybe!

Much Love, Richard and Becky

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