Kay Paige, the sister-in-law of Henry Kattner, passed away on Monday, August 2nd, in Angleton, TX. A memorial service will be held on August 24th. Our love, prayers and condolences go out to Henry and all those who are dealing with the loss of this loved one.

Prayers are asked for the family of Sherry Wills’ brother, Brian Taylor and his wife, Christina. Christina’s mother, Nell Orr, passed away on Tuesday afternoon, August 3rd, after a battle with cancer. Sherry and Ken attended the funeral that took place on Friday in Amarillo. Our sympathy, love and prayers are with the Taylor and the Orr families.

Since the vast majority of our congregation is at this time fully vaccinated from the COVID virus, wearing a protective mask is now optional in our services. But we encourage the unvaccinated and those who feel more secure with a mask to continue wearing one.

The Lone Grove Church of Christ, 2625 County Road 202, Lone Grove, Texas Llano County
Will have a Four Day Gospel Meeting, August 15-18, 2021
Sunday Morning — 10:30 AM Evenings — 6 PM
Topic: The Church Jesus Built
We are invited to attend these Four Days of Worship, Study, and Fellowship
As John Garza, Preacher Directs us in this Celebration, Worship, and Study
Various song leaders will direct us as we lift our voices in Praise Fellowship will follow our worship services.
The invitation is extended to us all!

Ken & Gail Darnell would like to thank all for the prayers and thoughts of concern for our family during recent illness and passing of Sara Gibson. She was a strong woman of faith, so we are comforted. We will see her in heaven but will miss her until then.

Let’s Cover LLANO ISD in Prayer! (A community effort)
We are invited to go to one of the four Llano school campuses this afternoon, Sunday, August 8th, to pray for the staff and students as a new and challenging school year begins.
Packsaddle Elementary . . . . at 4:30 PM
Llano Elementary . . . . . . . . . at 5:15 PM
Llano Junior High . . . . . . . . . at 5:36 PM
Llano High School . . . . . . . . at 5:55 PM
If you feel more comfortable praying from your vehicle, that’s ok. Just come and pour out your prayers onto each campus.


“And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”” Romans 10:15

Photo by Adrianna Calvo on Pexels.com

This is part two of the latest news from our brother Sylvester on happenings in the Nigerian work. Please keep this work in your prayers. For the elders, Ken

Dear Brethren, please find attached the reports of my work for the last quarter. Thank you very much for your wonderful support. Sylvester Imogoh

1] Mission Printing:
A huge leap of progress for us in this OPM this quarter was that we had the wonderful collaboration from Mission Printing [Arlington, Texas] who gave us funds and we completed the first off-site printing for them here in Igarra. We printed a total of 180,000 booklets from their series and we shipped them to the 3 agents/distributors they have in Lagos, Abak and Ebonyi state of Nigeria. But they also allowed us the privilege to retain 60 boxes for us to distribute from here. Although we did have some challenges with the high cost of paper because of inflation, and we had a devastating storm on May 5th that ruined some of the work, but we feel so blessed to have their partnership in this great work of Evangelism in Nigeria through the printed pages. And much more important is the FACT that this has become a wonderful method of enhancing the work in Nigeria because this is a relatively cheaper process and easier since they bypass the hurdles of shipping.

2] Power Generators and Printers
Because power supply from our national grid is next to zero, we depend on power generators almost one hundred percent for our work. And as our workload continues to increase, that is how our uses for the generators do also. The generators we have had for now are smaller in capacity [about 15 kva] and they do not serve for very long. We buy them for between $2000 and $2500 but they do not last a year before they start showing signs of troubles. And we spend time and money on repairs often. Since the inception of the press in April 2016, we have purchased not less than 4 generators. Now we are advised to try and get better generators. What we need is not only far more expensive, the Engineers also advise that we try to get two such that we can alternate their uses and allow time for the spare to cool off. One New Perkins Generator of above 20 kva capacity is now selling for about $8,000. And we need 2 printers for the computer department.

3] Another Postage Increase
Just a few years ago, the Nigerian postal system increased overseas postage from N150 to N700 minimum postage. That elicited outcries from so many quarters as we saw it as outrageous and arbitrary. I was one of those who sent a protest letter to the Postmaster General in Abuja. But [as usual] there was no rethink. Now to everyone’s surprise, in May, the postal department has again come up with another postage increase now from N700 to N1500–minimum. We know for sure that the Present Muslim Administration wants to cripple the economy of Nigeria before they leave in 2023
Not only postage, other necessities have seen hikes in prices – such as foodstuffs, fuel, and oil. And that has sparked further inflation in transportation and all other aspects of the economy. And that amounts to more sufferings and frustrations for the people AND all these are part of the catalyst for the ongoing agitations and violence.

4] Prayer Requests
I have continued to ask for your prayers for me and my family – for safety and health.

Partner With Us In The OPM
As you can see, we have been trying to make significant positive impact in the work of evangelism in Nigeria through this ministry of printing and supplying printed materials for evangelism throughout Nigeria. Please find a way to help us do more of this good work . We currently have a deficit account balance.

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