Restor Emperado, older brother of our Philippine missionary, Richard Emperado, died June 28th of a stroke in the Philippines. Due to COVID lockdown, it took three weeks to deliver his ashes to Richard for a service and burial Saturday, July 7th. Our condolences, love and prayers go out to Richard, Sandra and to all in the Emperado family, and to all who mourn the loss of Restor. May God bless all in their grief.

Sara Gibson, mother of Susan Darnell (daughter-in-law of Ken & Gail Darnell), passed away on Saturday, July 17th, at the Greenville, TX. Hospital. Funeral services took place at the Commerce church of Christ on Saturday, July 24th. Our hearts go out in sympathy and love to Susan, Evan, their children and to all the other loved ones and friends. Prayers go up to God that He will be the needed comfort in this time of grief and loss.

The Lone Grove Church of Christ
2625 County Road 202
Lone Grove, Texas Llano County
Will have a Four Day Gospel Meeting August 15-18, 2021
Sunday Morning — 10:30 AM Evenings — 6 PM
Topic: The Church Jesus Built
We are invited to attend these Four Days of Worship, Study, and Fellowship
As John Garza, Preacher Directs us in this Celebration, Worship, and Study
Various song leaders will direct us as we lift our voices in Praise Fellowship will follow our worship services. The invitation is extended to us all!

Preparing to Pass the Baton to the next Generation
On September 18th, the Cherokee Home for Children will be hosting a day for men (only!) to come together in brotherhood and camaraderie to hear some terrific speakers, and have fun doing some “manly” things. There will also be a BBQ and demonstrations on lots of activities enjoyed by men. More information will be in upcoming bulletins.

As you may know, we have been following a modified mask policy in recent weeks. The elders believe this has gone well, and in view of improving conditions, we believe it is time to take another step toward what used to be “normal”. The vast majority of our congregation is now fully vaccinated from the COVID virus, which allows us all to be more confident about the future.
Beginning on Sunday, August 1, we will be making masks optional for all fully vaccinated persons. We encourage the unvaccinated to continue protecting themselves with a mask, but if you are fully vaccinated you can choose to go without a mask if you desire to do so. If you feel that you need to continue wearing a mask, then please do so. Please note that we will also no longer dismiss by rows at the end of services.


“And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”” Romans 10:15

Photo by Adrianna Calvo on Pexels.com

We love to hear from those we support in the mission field and hear what they are doing in the places they labor for our Lord. This is part two of a two-part Mission Cambodia News & Update: July 2021 from our fellow workers, Dennis and Sharon Welch. Please keep them in your prayers. For the elders, Ken D

In the realm of the face-to-face Villa Monorom has quickly become a retreat and weekend getaway spot for many of our beloved friends in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, Khmer and expat, both believers and those who have not yet accepted the gospel. We pray that our hospitality reflects the hospitality demonstrated and taught by Jesus in the Scriptures and that it glorifies the Father.

Photo from Dennis & Sharon Welch

Brothers from the Bible Schools in Battambang, Phnom Penh and Siem Reap spent a day at the farm. All of us were encouraged!

We would love to have more to share about recent outreach ministries, but because of the current situation there isn’t much to report. Dennis takes occasional day rides through the local countryside and chats with people. Most often, the local people are distant and fearful of another of those foreigners who might bring the dreaded disease to their community. That is really the heart of the matter. Instead of being perceived as a bearer of good news, we are frequently seen as a threat. We’re welcome to buy their products, but not hang about for a chat. Please pray for open doors and more frequent opportunities to engage with those who have not yet heard, turned and then been healed by the precious blood of Christ. By the way, all religious gatherings are currently banned.

We have tried a few times to schedule the next Prayer Circles Cambodia (PCC) ride for prayer and outreach to remote locations, but between travel restrictions and the refusal of the guesthouse managers to allow us to stay, we currently have nothing scheduled for the near future except an occasional one-day ride in the local area. We did invite the prayer riders for a Memorial Day weekend getaway. Four of the team, two with families were able to join us. It is wonderful to fellowship with this group.

We prefer to get out in the early mornings to get our exercise by doing various projects and chores on the farm. We were able to find a used riding mower that cut our grass-cutting time from three days to three hours. Sharon and Sreypov have done amazing work around the exterior of the house with their flower jungles. LOL! There are some new projects on the way, but more on that later. We are at the beginning of the rainy season so this beautiful setting, created by God is vibrantly green.

Photo from Dennis & Sahron Welch

Birthday family time together celebrating Dennis’ 64th birthday with Sreypov, Sreykhuech, Sharon and Theary

We’re delighted to announce that granddaughter, Autumn graduated from high school last month in Texas. We really wanted to be there to join her and the family in celebration. We miss our family in the States so much, but travel is difficult with the current restrictions. In Cambodia we celebrated several birthdays and other holidays together.

We have been constantly petitioning the Lord to be clearly shown His plan for ministry. What we see is what has been noted above. If there is more, or something new and different He has not yet revealed that to us. We continue to work, serve and be patient as salt, light and love to those around us. What we clearly do know is that we treasure the relationships, prayers, support and love He has provided us in you. Thank you for walking this journey with us (nearly 13 years). May the Lord bless you all with everything you need.

Eternal love and blessings,
Dennis & Sharon

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