Janet Fietz lost a good friend in her granddaughter, Savannah’s grandmother, Rita Hawkins’ death. Rita passed away on Friday, July 23rd. The celebration of life is scheduled for August 8th.  Our sympathy, love and prayers are going out to Janet, Myron, Savannah and to all others who are grieving this loss. May God be their comfort.


Llano County Medical Director, Dr. Jack Franklin, informs us that as of July 26th, there are in Llano County 1,265 confirmed COVID cases, 509 probable cases, 54 fatalities and 53 active cases. Some of these involve vaccinated persons, some are break-through cases. The best thing yet is to be fully vaccinated! Wearing a mask will also put a check on the spread; as always, in every walk of life, our decisions should be wise. Stay informed  


As you may know, we have been following a modified mask policy in recent weeks. The elders believe this has gone well, and in view of improving conditions, we believe it is time to take another step toward what used to be “normal”. The vast majority of our congregation is now fully vaccinated from the COVID virus, which allows us all to be more confident about the future.

Beginning today, Sunday August 1st, we will be making masks optional for all fully vaccinated persons. We encourage the unvaccinated to continue protecting themselves with a mask, but if you are fully vaccinated you can choose to go without a mask if you desire to do so. If you feel that you need to continue wearing a mask, then please do so. Please note that we will also no longer dismiss by rows at the end of services. spread; as always, in every walk of life, our decisions should be wise. Stay informed!

The Lone Grove Church of Christ
2625 County Road 202
Lone Grove, Texas Llano County
Will have a Four Day Gospel Meeting August 15-18, 2021
Sunday Morning — 10:30 AM and Evenings — 6 PM
Topic: The Church Jesus Built
We are invited to attend these Four Days of Worship, Study, and Fellowship
As John Garza, Preacher Directs us in this Celebration, Worship, and Study
Various song leaders will direct us as we lift our voices in Praise
Fellowship will follow our worship services.
The invitation is extended to us all!


“And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”” Romans 10:15

Photo by Adrianna Calvo on Pexels.com

This is part one of the latest news from our brother Sylvester on happenings in the Nigerian work. Please keep this work in your prayers. For the elders, Ken D

Dear Brethren, Please find attached the reports of my work for the last quarter. Thank you very much for your wonderful support. Sylvester Imogoh


Highlights of OPM

v 165,000 – Total number of books printed in the quarter

v 536 – Total number of shipments made in the quarter

v 56 – Total converts recorded in the quarter

v 3 New congregations started – 1 in Edo and 2 in Delta states

v 4 WBS Seminars conducted in Edo and Akwa Ibom states

v 2 Restorations

Summary Reports of OPM

1) This has been a most challenging quarter for the OPM. We have had the most productive efforts, just as we had the most difficult times to work in. But in the end we equally had the most fruitful results for our efforts. Everyone has been so fulfilled and happy!

2) We continue to have consistent increases in the demands for our materials for evangelism throughout the country. As the materials are spreading, that is how fresh requests are coming from preachers and congregations who had not known about us earlier. This gives us more work to do and makes us fulfilled. Except that we are constantly facing the challenge of meeting up with such demands.

3) We shipped gospel materials to 4 preaching schools for staff and students evangelism work.

4) We shipped materials for work in Prison Ministries in Uyo, Abak and Auchi

5) More doors have recently been opened for us to ship materials for evangelism to far Northern states of Sokoto, Taraba, Adamawa where Islam has dominated for years.

6) Materials were sent to several congregations and to preachers for evangelism in both rural and urban works.

7) These materials were also used in World Bible School seminars both here in our local outreach efforts through schools and in faraway southeastern states of Akwa Ibom where M B Archibong has been achieving good results

8) Other regular ways in which we have used the materials in this quarter are:

i. The Ugbogbo Community Outreach ministries of door-knocking, tracts distributions, hospital visits, house fellowship, etc.

ii. Ugbogbo Market Evangelism which is an outreach method through rural markets whereby our members simply display or hand out tracts to their customers in the market or in stores.

iii. Schools’ Evangelism whereby our brethren who are teachers take tracts to school and share with staff and students.

iv. Vigilantes and Police and Military check points on our roads receive tracts regularly through this avenue. Some vigilante groups now come to my office to get boxes of tracts if they do not see anyone on the road for a while. At least 2 vigilante officers are now members through these efforts. And they have helped us to reach out to so many road users.

9] We have continued to improve on ways to use the tracts in conjunction with our benevolence efforts. So each time we give out foodstuffs, Bibles, Reading Glasses and other aids, we equally give the recipients some gospel materials to take home for studies.

10] We continue to receive encouraging reports of religious people who study their Bibles with the help from these books and want to learn more about the church of Christ. There is an on-going Bible study plan in Asaba Delta state between a pastor and church founder in that city who called me and I connected him with our brethren.

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