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1. Count the blessings not the troubles. If we are not careful, we will let our minds dwell on trouble.

2. Live one day at a time. The past is over, the future is not yet here, but today is mine (“this is the day the Lord has made…”)

3. “Break the Alabaster Box”. Show the appreciation you have for others; this is a part of loving others.

4. Be a “cheerful giver”, not a “selfish getter” if God has already blessed and supplied you with your needs. A “go-giver” not a “go-getter”. The “selfish getter” is unhappy and frustrated.

5. Seek for good in everyone and everything. Refuse bad thinking-habits. Don’t dwell on things that are wrong concentrating on the bad.

6. Pray every day, unceasingly. Leave things in the hand of God. It is such a blessing that Jesus bears our burdens.

7. Do a good deed every day. Go the second, even the third mile. That is where our joy happens.

8. We can tell the “size” of a person by what is bothering him/her, being up-tight about things, health etc. Intense worry shows lack of faith. Remember: life does not consist of the abundance of “things”.

9. Practice the “do-it-now” habit. In problems, don’t think about the difficulty, just go ahead and do it in order to get a solution. “Great people do ordinary things in a great way.”

10. Practice the “happiness habit”. It is catching. Always start with yourself. “The helping hand of the Lord is always at the end of my own arm”.

11. Fear nothing and no one! Worry is also a form of fear besides a lack of faith. Replace “worry-thought” with “faith-thought.”

12. Learn to laugh and learn to cry. Christ had a sense of humor and joy. He also wept. Happy and successful people know when to laugh and when to cry. Mental and emotional “wrecks” do not know when to do either.


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