January 18th, 2021
Hello —
Thanks so much to Mary Smith to reach out to me regarding my dad, Carroll Norman. We continue to speak of the kind and caring people there that were so loving to my mom, Dorothy, while they lived there. Can’t believe the many years have passed quickly.
Dad is still alert and talkative when he feels good. He continues in the Assistant Living, but has been isolated — and I haven’t been in since March (his birthday-month — he will be 97 this year). Health issues and “time” can sure limit people!
He moved around the corner from his other room and is now in.
He got his first COVID immunization, so maybe, they will open up soon — most stay in their room — so sad.
Thank you again for sending him the bulletin — at least, he gets some mail!!
Jan Nuckols (daughter)

(His room and phone number are available from the church office.)

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A good message from good brothers helps us see the need to share Jesus. Pray that we all do the same. For the elders, Ken D

A powerful church
Now there were in the church at Antioch prophets and teachers, Barnabas, Simeon who was called Niger, Lucius of Cyrene, Manaen a lifelong friend of Herod the tetrarch, and Saul. – Acts 13:1
The church in Antioch was preparing, as the events of Acts 13 unfolded, to take the lead in bringing the gospel to the Gentile world. Jerusalem would remain the mother church – although not in the sense that denominationalists think today – but Antioch would be the leading voice to the greater part of the world.
The men mentioned in our passage were the leading men of the church – the prophets and teachers who were responsible for the church’s fantastic growth.
Some may have been elders in that congregation as well, such information is not made known to us. We do know that Saul would not have been among the elders in that his marital state precluding serving in that capacity.
An interesting question concerns how those prophets and teachers came to be in Antioch. We’re not sure about Simeon, Lucius or Manaen, but we know about Barnabas and Saul.
Barnabas was sent to check out the work by the leaders in Jerusalem and, upon seeing its extent and the need, promptly went to get Saul to come and help.
I wonder if we think about churches in the same way. We often describe churches positively as friendly, outgoing, scriptural, faithful or loving, but do we describe churches as evangelistic?
If an evangelist (not a professional preacher, but someone with giftedness in evangelism) came to the church where you are worshipping, would he or she feel welcome to stay or perhaps even go find another evangelist to invite into the work?
What about those in the congregation? Is evangelism by the membership encouraged or are we quenching that gift? My considered assessment is that much of the giftedness in our churches is being quenched by an attitude of professionalism in our society. We have professionals handle many of the tasks people used to handle themselves. Are we doing the same with the work of the church?
One does not have to be able to expound on the intricacies of the LOGOS as revealed by the Apostle John, nor expose in detail the errors of pre-tribulation rapture theology in order to be an evangelist. One only needs to tell people what Jesus has done.
— Jay Kelley is the evangelist for the Austin Street Church of Christ in Levelland, Texas.

One of our Nigerian brothers recently shared the truth from Jay’s thoughts. ——

This is one of the sisters in Ugbogbo congregation in Igarra. She sells ground nuts (peanuts). And she sells them by hawking from street to street with a tray on her head. At the same time, she shares tracts along with her customers. That way, she is taking part in our Market Evangelism strategy.
In this and other ways and methods we are trying to disseminate the ‘seed’ of the word of God to as many as possible. And God has been encouraging us with increases! We had a total of 47 converted into Christ through our various outreach ministries in the last quarter of the year 2020. The power indeed is in the word!
— Sylvester Imogoh, Ugbogbo church of Christ, Igarra, Edo State Nigeria

Photo by Sylvester Imogoh

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