The Flanarys are disconnecting their house phone by January 16th. They can be reached by their cell phone numbers.  Contact the church office for their numbers.


Our brother in Christ, Phil Parmer, who was recently moved to Amarillo, passed away peacefully in his sleep during the night of Wednesday, December 30th. He would have been 102 years in April.

Phil was a veteran of WWII in the Army and Navy, serving in the Philippines, Italy and the North Atlantic. He was the recipient of the Bronze Star Medal for heroic service in a combat zone. After the war he worked for Colorado Interstate Company in Bivins, Texas for 35 years. He was also engaged in many other worthwhile endeavors.

Graveside services were held on Saturday, January 2nd, at Memorial Park Cemetery in Amarillo with Military Rites. Boxwell Brothers Funeral Directors were in charge of the arrangements. Phil’s obituary can be found on their Website.

We express our heartfelt love, prayers and condolences to Lorna, Phil’s son Warren and his wife, Mevanee, and to all the others members of the family.


Bible Study on January 6th – Joe Winnett



The following is part two of a report from the Emperados in the Philippines which our congregation supports. Please keep this work and these Brethern in your prayers. For the elders, Ken D

Photo by Richard and Becky Emperado

Not having to worry about traveling home for furlough, also frees up Richard to push through with his new plans and work efforts on the radio programs & online courses for Impact Counseling, Worship Without Borders, & now the MOSES/ SONE digital bible school. He is very excited about getting an office here in town near the radio station. Part of the office will have a sound proof area for recording programs & courses. The office will also provide him a place to do counseling in person, by phone, or internet in a much more private & comfortable setting. Right now, he does much of his phone counseling or China internet counseling sitting in a plastic chair in the carport area right outside the front door of the townhouse we rent here in Dumaguete. We have no good internet access at our place near the beach in Calag Calag. I believe he has already talked to you about using the $600 a month you all send for the SONE classes for renting the office & paying for radio time for classes. I think the office rent is only a little more then $100 plus his electric bill. We are using an old air conditioner, folding tables, & chairs we already own for the office. He is using some of the SONE funds from you all to have the office renovated, painted, & sound proofed, using one of our carpenters from MOSES team. I know he is very excited about his plans for the office & bible classes. I know he has really struggled the last nine months not being able to travel to visit churches planted & planting the last two churches. These new radio & internet projects have given him a great way to reconnect & encourage MOSES workers & young churches & Christians across the country. He was so limited to what he could do by cell phone calling, which he still does. His phone starts ringing about 5:30am, & goes until 8pm. The kids & I will be very thankful for him to have an office to go to to make calls & do counseling! (grin!) Later on, we will send you some before and after photos of the office when they finish the renovation.

The other $450 you all send every month is still going to help MOSES workers in places where the young churches are struggling, especially during this COVID-19 time, when churches are very limited on how they can meet together. We are going to need to keep some MOSES workers in places longer then we had planned, like in Mati and Tandag, down in Mindanao in the Muslim area.

We hope this little update answers the questions you have about plans for 2021. If you have any more questions, please email us or message Richard on Messenger, and we will try our best to clarify things. Thank you so much for playing such a big role in the MOSES follow up work and the new improved MOSES/SONE digital bible school program. Your funds & prayers are helping us be able to go do many new things & hopefully train & equip more workers, and continue to share the Gospel across the country! We know these times are very hard for every-one, so stressful & uncertain, but thankfully God is still opening new doors & providing new opportunities where we can all keep pressing on sharing the Good News!

Much Love, Richard & Becky

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