Very generous donations were added last Sunday to the previous amount for EEM. The total now makes a wonderful amount to support the good work of EEM. To know more about the amount of the donations contact the church office or one of the elders. Thanks again to everyone who supports this worthy work. And we are quite sure that this is causing great rejoicing and gratitude at EEM. God bless their efforts!


Video on December 30th


On Saturday, December 19th, Phil Parmer’s son, Warren, and granddaughter came and moved Phil to Canyon, Texas, where his wife Lorna is. We do not have his new address yet, but his cell phone is the same at this time. We will put more information in the bulletin when we have it. We wish Phil a happy holiday and great enjoyment with his loved ones.



The following is part one of a report from the Emperados in the Philippines including the church planting in Batanes, which our congregation is supporting. Please keep this work and these Brethern in your prayers. For the elders, Ken D

Howdy! We hope this quick update finds all of you doing well there in Texas. Richard has asked me to write an update for you all. He is busy right now dealing with the construction going on at the new office he is renting near the radio station.

Photo by Richard and Becky Emperado

As you all know, due to COVID-19, the last two church plantings in San Jose & Batanes had to be postponed. We have been on lockdown on Negros island since the middle of March. There are travel bans between most islands. Even on Negros island, there is still a travel ban between the two provinces (like states). Even just traveling through towns here on our side, Negros Oriental, we have to go through many checkpoints & have temperature taken & be wearing a mask in our vehicle. Very complicated! It is sometimes even hard to travel from Dumaguete, where the kids are studying & our home near the beach. We will be spending Christmas holidays here in Dumaguete this year, just to make things less stressful.

We are not sure when the travel bans will be lifted. We hope sometime early next year. We received by Feb. 2020 all the church plantings funds needed to cover San Jose & Batanes. We have those funds in savings in the bank here ready to go when the time is right & safe for Richard & the MOSES team to travel. We have $6,000 from Boerne church for San Jose, and $12,300 for Batanes, the very remote place that is only reachable by plane. Those funds are from you all, a church in Waxahachie, North Garland in Enid, Ok, & Boerne church. We feel very blessed to have those funds readily available here. We are really hoping & praying we will be able to finish the church plantings next year.

We also want to let you know that we will not be coming home for furlough in 2021. Our sponsoring church, Austin Avenue has decided not to bring any missionaries home on furlough in 2021. Though we are sad about not getting to come home for a visit, we are also so thankful for their wise decision. We were really dreading having to navigate through all the red tape to fly home, then afraid of traveling in Texas & Oklahoma & maybe having to quarantine in someone’s home, or not being able to return to the Philippines. We know God is in control & will provide the best time to come home hopefully in 2022

Much Love, Richard & Becky

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