There will be a workday on Friday, November 6th. Work areas will be: outside of the building and the inside of the Food Pantry, starting at 9 AM.


Oct. 28 — Cary Miller

Nov. 4 — Troy Futrell

Nov. 11 — Kynn Maxwell

Nov. 18 — Joe Winnett

Nov. 25 — No class, Day before Thanksgiving



Throughout this year we have been mindful of various struggles of our fellow workers in mission work. We want to always pray for them and the issues they face. The Welches, whom we help support in Cambodia, just sent us this prayer request due to flooding affecting those they work with. Please pray for them. For the elders, Ken D

Please pray for Cambodia. Thousands are suffering from floods as the rainy season continues to impact many families throughout the country. There has been loss of life, increasing damage to property, dams breaking, and road closures. Homes, crops and livelihoods are being destroyed as both the weather forecast and the government predicts the storms and rain will continue over the next week putting many areas including Phnom Penh at an even higher risk. We have some friends who recently stated “With people already struggling financially from the global and local impact of Covid-19, this has come at a very bad time.” We join together praying for this situation, and that we can minister to some of these people in great need. Please pray that not another soul is taken before they have an opportunity to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.

We are so grateful for each of you. Thank you for joining us as we continue to pray fervently and wait patiently as the Lord guides us and reveals what’s ahead. William Carey, known as “the father of modern missions” said, “Attempt great things for God. Expect great things from God.” That is exactly what we need to do as followers of Jesus Christ.

Much love and blessings, Dennis & Sharon

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