There will be a workday on Saturday, November 7th. Work areas will be: on the outside of the building and the inside of the Food Pantry.

Myron & Janet Fietz’s granddaughter, Kathryn McQuillan, under Military, graduated from Marine Boot Camp, Friday, October 9th, in Paris N.C. Her deployment started last Sunday in Camp Geiger, N.C. Our congratulations to this strong young lady and the proud grandparents!

Oct 21 – Ken Darnell
Oct 28 – Cary Miller
Nov 4 – Troy Futrell
Nov 11 – Kynn Maxwell
Nov 18 – Joe Winnett
Nov 25 – Dismissed for Thanksgiving holiday

Come and assemble with your brethren on Wednesday night for a spiritual uplift! Speakers will bring devotional messages followed by congregational singing.



We have heard from Becky and Richard Emperado recently and Becky wanted to update us on some things happening in the Philippines mission work. Keep them all in your thoughts and prayers. For the elders, Ken D

Hope your week is going well! We are doing well. Richard Emperado is back in town to do his Impact Counseling radio program Saturday 8-9am on Dysr-fm Dumaguete (Fridays 7-8pm). He will be talking about the root causes of aggression & violence and how to deal with them in healthy ways. People can call in or message questions during the counseling hour on Saturdays. If you like listening to his Sunday evening program, Worship Without Borders at 8-9pm (Sunday 7-8 am), you are in for a special treat! He will have a guest speaker this week! Grant Emperado will be preaching Sunday night. The title for his sermon is “Wait & Hope”. Enjoy.

The Emperado family is doing well. We are still living with basic lockdown. Have a little more freedom, but still no travel between islands, or even the other side of Negros Island still. Many restaurants & businesses still closed. Grocery shelves are still missing many items. Kids’ college classes have started back. Richard is happy doing his radio programs on the weekends. His Impact Counseling program is discussing “Dealing with Fear & Anxiety”. His topic for Sunday Worship without Borders program will be “Handling Life Creatively” & the Bible Study topic will be “Challenge for Independent Bible Study”. He can be watched live on Dysr-fm Dumaguete radio station or Richard’s Facebook page. We ask that you please pray for these two radio programs to be an encouragement to many who are struggling right now & a way to reach out & help the churches we planted across the Philippines.

If you enjoy listening to Richard Emperado counseling on the radio at Dysr-fm Dumaguete on Saturday mornings, you might also enjoy listening to his new program called “Worship Without Borders” starting today on Sunday nights from 8-9pm Philippines time, 7-8am Sunday morning Texas/Oklahoma time. He will be preaching & teaching reaching out to the different churches planted across the Philippines, since he is still unable to travel due to Covid-19. All seaports & airports are still closed to domestic travel.

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