Bill Christian let us know last Sunday that he wanted to place membership with us at our Highland Lakes congregation. Bill is Wanda Christians’ dad.  We welcome you, Bill, to our fellowship, work and worship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!   Please add to your directory his information which is available from the church office.


Resuming Wednesday Evening Bible Classes on September 16th

A series of teachers will take turns delivering devotional messages of their choice during the first 30 minutes of class time, followed by 15 minutes of congregational singing

Our proposed schedule:

September 16th — Ken Darnell

September 23rd — Cary Miller

September 30th — Troy Futrell

October 7th — Kynn Maxwell

October 14th — Joe Winnett

We are still required: Wearing masks and social distancing!  If you feel comfortable assembling with your brethren, please mark September 16th on your calendar!



Some exciting news as George Funk shares from the Gospel Chariot ministry, which we have long supported. Continue to pray for these efforts as they help spread the gospel. For the elders, Ken D

Hi everyone,

Hope this finds you doing well. This is just a short update on the vision going forward and it is all very exciting as we spread the wonderful name of Jesus throughout the world. For us to do this we have to have new vision and our plan and goal is as follows:


As you know we are an African work with 15 Gospel Chariots going into 26 countries that baptizes more than 3,000 souls a year and helps plant around 30 churches a year. Our strength has to be our method of taking Africans to reach Africa. That said, I have worked my way out of a job to a certain degree and am now working on taking Gospel Chariot Missions global and more specifically into Asian Pacific countries, and that is if it is the Lord’s Will. Please pray for this.


This is something that is long overdue. We have always been very evangelistic. That is why we have so many chariots, but we have always lacked the knowledge on how to equip leaders who equip other leaders and especially them equipping ordinary members on how to share the gospel in a simple, biblical and reproducible way and I am glad to say that God has blessed me with some years of searching and praying and being trained and today this training is spreading like wildfire throughout Africa and now India and the Philippines. Once we were STUCK, but now God has released us and what is most amazing, a lot of our training has been done during the Covid lockdown. Talk about God’s hand. We, as a ministry, can’t wait to get those chariots back on the road, because there will be double trouble for the evil one as we will not only have chariots traveling, but also intensive discipleship training taking place wherever the chariots travel, but not only that, many of us are now multiplication trainers that work online, training disciples and helping start new churches from our homes wherever we might be. This is sooooo exciting. Please pray for this.


This is exactly what I have just said. It is where we are doubling up our efforts by not only having gospel meetings and planting new churches, but now we are training trainers on how to go from Addition to Multiplication through discipleship multiplication and much of this is online, meaning we can equip and work with leaders before we even get there with the gospel chariots. Digital transformation is where we will now integrate digital technology into all areas of our outreach resulting in fundamental changes to how we operate and this will allow us to equip and release leaders who train and equip others and even those in areas we cannot take a gospel chariot into due to the countries being Muslim and some unstable countries.

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