Our heartfelt prayers, sympathy and love go out to Charlotte Hastings, as, last week, her husband, Guy, passed from this life into the arms of Jesus.

We will miss Guy who was always willing to serve His Lord, and he did so in the Food Pantry and World Bible School. He was always ready to go to church, to him it was a place of comfort and rest.

A memorial service will take place sometime in the future.

Margaret Hunter, Sheri Zoller’s mother-in-law, passed away at her home in Dillion, Texas. She was close to 90 years old. Funeral arrangements will be known at a later date.

Our love, sympathy and prayers go out to Sheri and to all in the extended family.



We must remember to always be keeping our fellow Christians in our prayers for their faithfulness and protection in often difficult situations around the world. Our brother Sylvester Imogoh reports on the dangerous concerns they have in Nigeria as Christians. Please always pray for them and others around the world for God’s care for his people. For the Elders, Ken D.

NIGERIA – Travel Concerns

Please share this with our brethren and let them know that we continue to ask for prayers for Nigeria, for our safety and security. The situation as described in the news is far worse in reality. All these have been a part of the insecurities that I have been reporting. Especially our county is the gateway to the Middle Belt (of west Africa). We are less than an hour and a half to the city of Lokoja which is called the Confluence City because it is located at the meeting point of the two great Rivers Niger and Benue that divides Nigeria into two thus: The predominantly Muslim North and the predominantly Christian South. But right now Muslim militia and terrorists have circulated virtually everywhere in the North and South. Life for most people is unsafe. Ordinary trips to the market, farms and other places of economic activities are now dangerous. And this is worsening the state of poverty and suffering. We are living every day at a time and looking forward to the day that God in His Providence would intervene. Otherwise, no one knows when they would strike!!!! ~~ Sylvester Imogoh

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