In all the ways that we are able to help with the spreading of God’s word around the world, it’s important to remember our motivation. In this very short article we are reminded of God’s motivation. Think, pray and act on that as God’s people. For the elders, Ken D

Without Restraint

Near the end of the book of Hosea, the prophet delivers a message from God that relates to the time of the Messiah’s kingdom. That means it is a message for members of the church of the Lord.

That’s you and me.

Here’s the message: “I will heal their apostasy. I will love them freely” (14:4). Did you catch that last part? I will love them ―freely, a word that means ―without restraint. A God infinite in power imparting love without restraint?

That boggles my mind. How about yours?

Eddie Parrish Brown Trail church of Christ Bedford, TX

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