Mike Udam – Nigerian Evangelism

Each week we can see God at work thru his people’s activity around the world. We continue to get good and joyful reports from our Nigerian brethren in the various ways they are involved in to spread the Gospel. Below is a brief update from our brother Mike Udam. We are so thankful to help support various aspects of this work. Keep God’s church around the world in your thoughts and prayers. For the elders, Ken D

Beloved brethren,
The church meeting at Ukpagada, where I preached this Sunday held a thanksgiving service for retired Staff Sargent, Chidi Chibunna who fought gallantly in the North East of Nigeria and came back alive and is now an active soldier of the Lord’s army. His sermon showing the power and grace of God upon his life, motivated one soul to be baptized being the first soul to be baptized in our newly constructed baptistery. It was indeed a thing of joy and my desire to share the joy with you.

Keep us in your prayers and plans. I shall be leading brethren to Wula, a small town very close to Cameroun for church planting. Pray for huge harvest. God bless you all. Meanwhile kindly share with me this good report about my online video ministry. Africa is gradually hearing from my small corner….

“Hello minister. I am Tataw Stephen writing from Cameroon. I am a member of the Lord’s church in the Molyko congregation. I follow your village preacher TV fervently and I commend the great job you are doing. May God’s blessings be with you and your family. I just followed Technical Reminder and it was great. Keep it up sir. Good night.”

Sincerely yours, Mike Udam

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