Cecil “Scotty” Adams Sr, passed from this life on Thursday, August 6th, from the consequences of liver cancer. We send our love, sympathy and prayers to his three children, 10 grandchildren and 23 great grandchildren. No services are planned at this time,

To our church family,
Your prayers in my behalf and the providence of God led Dr. McKennon to find the diagnosis and treatment of my illness, typhus.
Your calls and cards of encouragement were deeply appreciated.”
In Christian love, Mary & Henry


Nigerian Evangelism Update

God’s good news continues to provide more “good news‟ from our brother Sylvester, whom we help support in Nigeria. Continue to pray for our Nigerian brethren and especially those there who are being added to the kingdom. For the elders, Ken D

Today Sunday, August 9th we had a great worship. Brother Anthony Oluria from Port Harcourt came visiting us since Friday. Anthony is the preacher for the Rumuodomaya congregation in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. He is also the Coordinator for the Bear Valley Bible Institutes in Rivers State. They have one campus in Port Harcourt and the second campus in Ahoada. Anthony is my Volunteer Agent for the distribution of OPM Gospel Literature in Rivers State.

I usually send the boxes of tracts and books to him through commercial vehicles. He claims them same day and distribute them to preachers and congratulations in Port Harcourt and other places in Rivers State. He has been aware of my health struggles since June. So he decided to pay a visit to see me face to face. I appreciate his visit.

After his sermon today, he made a call for baptism. At first 4 ladies responded. They made the good confession before the congregation and we took them to the river and baptized them. Just as we were coming up from the river, a brother came with a man on a motorcycle. He was one of the visitors to church. He too was baptized.
To God be the glory for Great things He is doing in our midst.

We are praying for God’s intervention in the ongoing pandemic and the plenty confusion it has caused in the world.
Please keep us in your prayers as well.
Sylvester Imogoh, Minister

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