Sunset International Bible Institute


The following is a note and prayer request from Sunset International Bible Institute on the start of school this fall. Remember to keep SIBI in your thoughts and prayers, as well as Tyler Meredith, whom we help support at the school and now is in his second year of ministry training. For the elders, Ken D

Join Us in Starting Another Year of Ministry Training in a New Way

Opening Chapel is Monday, August 10, at 8:35am in the auditorium of the Sunset Church of Christ. Chapel will be online. The elders of the Sunset Church of Christ have allowed us to have this special event where we will be practicing safety procedures to alleviate the spread of COVID-19.

SIBI will begin classes on August 10th but in a modified way. We encourage you to watch a video from Sunset’s president, Tim Burow, who gives the rationale for where our upcoming classes are meeting. The video and beginning chapel can be viewed online by going to http://www.sibi.com and scrolling down to News and then ‘Starting Another Year of Ministry Training in a New Way’.

Please continue to pray for SIBI as we continue to pursue our mission to train whole men to preach the whole Gospel to the whole world, wholly to please God.

Tyler Meredith preaching
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