Sunset International Bible Institute

Student Tyler Meredith Report

In this article, Tyler Meredith, whom we help support at Sunset International Bible Institute, reports some on how the pandemic has affected him the last few months. Keep him in your prayers. For the elders, Ken D

These months have been some very interesting months due to quarantine. I have had trouble with being able to do many things since everyone has been asked to stay at home and keep their distance from each other. Although it has been tough, some pretty cool things have been happening down here. Then I had my AIM graduation just before everything went crazy. I have continued some park visiting and other outdoor activities. I had one last opportunity to preach before everything began to shut down. I have even been refining my baking skills. March, April and May have been great months.

First my AIM graduation happened in March. My mother and father came down to show their support and excitement for me completing the AIM program. During the week before graduation we did a thing called reentry which is basically an event that helps those who have completed the program readjust to a normal non-missionary lifestyle. We had several cool lessons and chat times. Then at graduation I got to be reconnected to the whole class again for the first time since we left for the field. We had a wonderful time together in this final hoorah of our AIM experience. It was a wonderful time and having my family be there to support me was truly a blessing.

Just before all of the quarantining happened I had the opportunity to travel to several different towns close to Lubbock to share God’s word with fellow believers. In March I got to go to Seagraves, Texas to preach to the church there. I had a wonderful time getting to fellowship and share with our brothers and sisters there. They were very kind and allowed me to go to one of the local eateries with them. I love getting to share God’s word and this church made it a true blessing to visit.

We have been trying to stay busy in this quarantine but it gets challenging some times. Although we are constrained to our houses we are still looking on the glorious day that the brothers and sisters are able to be together again!

Although these months have been encapsulated by staying away and keeping home I have been blessed in getting to see some wonderful friends in some one on one settings. We all have been staying true to the keeping less than so many in one place and when the shelter and stay was going on we all followed our orders, but when we had the opportunity to fellowship in small settings we did not allow that to stop us. We had many meals and small groups of sharing in the struggle of keeping active while not being together. This has been rough for all of us and the burden is easier when you get to share that even with a small number of people.

God has been teaching me, and I‟m sure many of you, many wonderful things during these trying months. We need to remember especially now that our world is flipped upside down that our God is alive and working in everything that we do.

Thank you all so much for the love and support that you have showed to me in my time of school and work at SIBI. I cannot express the blessings that God has given to me through all of you. May God bless you and keep you in all that you do. Tyler

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