Gospel Chariot – Second Quarter Update 2020

Throughout the months of this pandemic we all are striving to find ways to serve God and spread His gospel. It has been exciting to see our brethren in various places find ways to share Jesus. This is part of a report from Brother George Funk with the Gospel Chariot Mission that we help support. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they too serve our God. For the elders, Ken D


Gospel Chariot – Second Quarter Update 2020

Hi Everyone,

I pray and hope this finds you doing well.

Wow, has the world not had some issues since our last report? All our chariots are off the road and all I can say, is that it has been a Blessing from God. You will not believe how this has helped us. We have spent the last 3 months learning how to do online discipleship training and online church and it is unbelievable how effective this is. My last two years of spending hours, days and months of being equipped in multiplication discipleship is paying off hugely and I can’t believe how this all came about at the right time.

We have started many, many online groups from Southern Africa to East Africa and West Africa come North Africa. The most exciting developments are the way we are getting into Muslim-dominated countries through this simple disciple making multiplication method of teaching that is so, so, so, so effective and allows our brethren to work underground through small cell groups in areas they otherwise would never have been able to get into.

That said, I have by the grace of God, managed to start some online discipleship multiplication training into India and the Philippines. Great doors are opening for me as I hand over Africa slowly but surely to our African brethren so they can direct their own African mission with me being a father figure working behind the scenes and with the USA executive GCM board. As they say “a leader’s lasting value is measured by succession” but there is also a great leadership tool called the MAWL Principle and it teaches you to Model, Assist, Watch and then Leave. I believe it is now time for me to watch and trust and believe in those I have equipped to take the work beyond me in Africa. Here are the African Regional Directors: George Akpabli -West and North Africa; Duncan Ojiambo – Central Africa; Tom Opondo -East Africa; Machona Monyamane – Southern Africa and Dimpo Motimele future Director and Co-ordinator for Africa……..And that said….


As you know I live in Australia and instead of retiring I would like to start re-firing an ASAIN PACIFIC DREAM FOR JESUS and with very little budget and only one or two chariots, if that. With the main focus on multiplication discipleship training that is simple, biblical and reproducible. It is time to equip our churches of Christ with discipleship tools and help our brethren get unstuck and move to the next level in reaching a lost world.

PLEASE PRAY FOR ME AS WE LOOK BEYOND FOR JESUS. (Dreams are born in the hearts and souls of men and women who are dissatisfied with the way things are in light of the way things could be).

I WILL NEED A SMALL BUDGET FOR THE ASIAN PACIFIC OUTREACH. Please email me if you can help with this new work starting year end. Also if you support any preacher in one of these countries and you want us to help with training them, then please pass his info on to me. We would love to help.

Who knows what God has in mind as we step out in faith? All I know, is God is up to something once again. To God be the Glory.

– George Funk

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