“We want to thank these wonderful men…Cary Miller. Kynn Maxwell and Danny Hankins, for their task of building Lynn some parallel therapy bars. You guys are the best!!  And Thanks to Brenda, Jan, and Nancy for their supportive love. God Bless you all.” – Kathy & Lynn Patterson


Thanks to everybody for all the good thoughts, prayers, phone calls, cards and other good things after my knee surgery. Everything is very much appreciated.”

In Christian love, Linda Lively


Our dear brother, Todd Gerald has moved to the Uvalde area so that he can be closer to his daughter.   He has been moved into an Assisted Living facility in Carrizo Springs. He has the same cell phone number.  His new address is available from the church office.


The Pantry remains closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic


The meeting has been moved Wednesday, June 17th at 9 AM in the Fellowship Room.  Please let the elders know of anything you would like them to discuss or if you would like to meet with them. 


The census con artists are like termites! They are already at work. They may contact us by phone or email, or show up at our door. Their goal is to get our private information and persuade us to send money. Hang up the phone, delete the email and shut the door on them

Legitimate census workers do not ask for our social security number, credit card or bank account number. If you suspect fraud, call 800-923-8282 or the police.


Gospel Chariot Missions in Africa

Home churches in Nigeria

With all the time we have been affected by the Cornona Virus, it has been easy to feel like not much has been going on. It’s thrilling to hear from our brethren with the Gospel Chariot in Africa on all the good God is getting done in small groups. Thank God for all He does and pray for those serving Him. For the elders, Ken D


Yesterday, during our midweek training and during our mutual care time of prayer and share, I heard some of the most encouraging stories of new prayer groups and training groups starting up. This is so encouraging to see and that’s our goal for Jesus in Africa and that is to multiply disciples and churches everywhere, but also encourage all over the world. Duncan Ojiambo will be connecting and encouraging a group in the US today and so will John Thikongo and I connect with someone out of the US today. God is up to something and let’s remember that God has prepared people all over the world waiting to be released to make disciples in their place of access or on their relational maps. Please pray for us at Gospel Chariot Missions as we follow God’s lead during this time of lockdown. Thank You Lord and thank you all involved.

George Funk

Home Churches in Nigeria

As we have had to deal with the Coronavirus, so have our brethren in Nigeria. Sylvester Imogoh reports on good things still happening in spite of it. They are only meeting in small worship groups. Continue to pray for them. For the elders, Ken D

MAY 17 – Our House Worship in the different House Churches created from the Ugbogbo Congregation went well yesterday, May 17th . At the end, and as usual we waited at my house for any group that may have someone who was ready for baptism. Only one group came with an old fragile woman. We took her to the river and baptized her. We found out that this old woman is the mother of the physically challenged lady that we had baptized last month. As the church continues to grow in reputation, members continue to bring their relatives to church. The conversion of this woman has made it a total of 19 that has been baptized from our various groups since the church broke into groups in March because of the ongoing pandemic. We are so grateful that God is still granting us this privilege even in these trying times. We are aware that the Food Benevolences is playing a part in this progress. Another thing that happened after worship was that we went to visit a young couple that had their first child. This is the third baby that is born in three different groups since the pandemic started. We are continuing in prayers for God’s intervention and we ask for you to do the same for us. Amen!

Sylvester Imogoh

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