Our heartfelt “thank-you” to all for the prayers, calls and all expressions of concern and well-wishes during Lynn’s recent health challenge, referred to as “a football injury sustained in a senior league.” A recent check-up showed progress in healing, the doctor was pleased with this. Lynn won’t be able to use his arm for a while yet, but he is o.k. with this and, therefore, doing fine. Love, Lynn & Kathy Patterson

The time for our holiday projects is now here!
The cookies we collect for the Cherokee Home for Children’s holiday party should be here by now. The Ladies Class members will pack them up on Wednesday, November 28th, which is the last class of 2018. Thanks to everyone who so generously donated!
We need to concentrate now on our other project, the collection of stuffed animals for the Care-A-Van. We need to have those here before our Holiday Party, on Sunday, December 2nd.
Remember, those stuffed dolls and/or animals should not have loose parts that can easily come off!
All are invited to come to Cary and Brenda Miller’s home, 1922 Bluebonnet Lane, for an Open House. This will be on Monday, December 10th, from 5-8 pm. Thanks to the Millers for opening their home and to all the “helping elves” who make this yearly event a great success.

Needs – Shampoo
Thank you!

 Visiting those in need.
 Maintaining our lawn and shrubs.
 See Cary Miller.

A new Bible class will start on Wednesday, December 5th. Cary Miller will be the teacher and the topic will be announced at a later date.

To the Church of Christ:
We are grateful for your assistance during the recent flooding crises. Your compassion for those affected by the flooding evidenced your belief in the Biblical principles espoused in the Bible.
Thank you again for your help! Al & Barb

Remember Our Spanish Work!
Salvador San Tillan is ready every Sunday morning to teach a Bible class in Spanish. This is a worthy endeavor. Do you have friends who would benefit from this Spanish Bible study? Let them know about it by giving them a warm, personal invitation. Those who already come, make them feel welcome and at home in our fellowship.


Gospel Chariot Missions WEST AFRICA Third Quarter Update 2018
Hi Everyone,
Hope this finds you doing well. This is our West African update and we have some wonderful news regarding West Africa and that is: we are now in the process of designing, fundraising and negotiating the upgrading of the Liberian mini chariot to a Big Chariot that will travel into not just Liberia, but Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Senegal, The Gambia and Guinea Bassau, making it 6 countries! And the good news is, we have a $75,000.00 matching fund once again, meaning we only need another $75,000.00 to proceed with this impossible venture, but with God all things are possible and He continues to blow my mind as we reach countries we never thought were possible. THANK YOU, LORD, AND THANK YOU, TO OUR MATCHING BROTHER AND SISTER AND ALL OF YOU WHO MAKE THIS WORK WHAT IT IS.
41946236_2017133678305191_404723800618303488_nThis is so exciting, but as I sit here I could tell you of some amazing developments taking place in other parts of Africa where we are making amazing breakthroughs in spreading the Wonderful Name of Jesus and one area is the DRC, that is Congo, where we have struggled to get into for years and are now busy sending a Congolese brother back to Congo, fully trained and ready to work out of Goma, a town ideally situated. Also have another brother leaving for Namibia to help us in our Bible School there and also trying to get him a work visa to help oversee the school. Also some amazing developments in South Africa as we are making plans of moving our ministry out of the inner city and more out of town to the west, where communities are popping up all over the place. That said, we will be leaving behind a thriving Downtown Pretoria Church of Christ.
41911890_2017133751638517_879768752881664000_nPS, Brethren it is soooooo hard to fundraise and find funds and we really, really need to say how amazing this is and how God has been so good through you all…….Below shows some updates reported by the team in West Africa.
To God be the Glory. In Him, Love, Brother George Funk
Following is one of the updates from the Nigeria Gospel Chariot Evangelist, Samuel Ndukwe: The Nigeria Gospel Chariot came to Kogi State on September 1, 2018 for a two week Gospel outreach. It traveled through seven Local Government Areas of Lokoja, Ajaokuta, Ofu, Dekina, Idah, Olamaboro and Ankpa of the state. The Chariot was hosted by more than ten congregations in their communities where intensive evangelism was done. After working for 15 days in the State of Kogi, 26 coverts were added to the body of Christ.

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