The Georgetown Church of Christ is hosting a Game Day for the Central Texas Area Church of Christ Singles. Come join us for Food, Fellowship and Fun!
This is for singles of all ages, from 18 to 99!
Saturday, October 20, 2018 from 2 PM –5 PM
Georgetown Church of Christ Family Life Center
1525 W University Ave.
Georgetown, TX 78628
Please bring: Games and Snack Foods
Email: centraltexassinglesforchrist@gmail.com

Needs – Plastic bags, bath soap, shampoo, tooth paste
Thank you for your support of this ministry!

 Visiting those in need.
 Maintaining our lawn and shrubs.
 See Cary Miller.

• We welcome Chad Wagner from Africa Christian Schools! He will give a report to the combined Bible Class in the auditorium and he will also preach. Chad is Doug Wheelers’ replacement. We are looking forward to getting acquainted with you, Chad, and to hear what you will tell us.
• This is also the day for our Fellowship Meal. It is hosted by Ken & Gail Darnell, Bill & Mary K. Flanary and James & Vicky Williams.

Dearest Family,
We continue to be humbled and appreciative for all you do on our behalf. Your generous love, encouragements, prayers and support are a wonderful blessing. Thank you!!! We praise God you are a part of our lives. Love & blessings, Dennis and Sharon

I would like to thank all for the prayers you have lifted up on behalf of my brother, Billy.
God planted me here for a reason and at the time I was not sure what He had in store. These past eight and a half years at Highland Lakes church of Christ, God has revealed to me part of His plan. To be a part of His family and have them rally around in times when I need strength. Each of you show me daily what a family in Christ should be and I thank God for all of you and allowing me to be part of this sincere loving and caring family. God bless each of you and I love you all. Sherry Wills

human-footprints_318-46627BEAUTIFUL FOOTNOTES
What follows is part one of a recent letter from our brother, Sylvester Imogoh in Nigeria. He will explain some of the difficult issues faced in Nigeria and the need for benevolent aid from the church. Part two next week will cover some ways the church can help. Please pray for our Nigerian brethren and those they come into contact with daily. For the elders, Ken D

Dear Brethren, We have done it now for nearly ten years, and this ministry of benevolences to widows and orphans have been a huge source of campaign for Christ in the entire Northern part of Edo state with 6 counties.
In conjunction with our other Outreach Ministries- Tracts, Books and Rural campaigns, we have recorded progress in so many rural congregations. For example, here at Ugbogbo, we had a total of 4 widows in our congregation for very many years. But in the past year and half, we have converted so many women, and some of them are widows. Such that we now have 14 widows in our congregation alone! This and similar results have been reported in other churches that have benefited from our benevolence programs. Some prospects have come to church simply because they were so impressed with our care for the widows- in the light of the many other churches who extort and defraud widows in our society.

Some factors have contributed to the sufferings and hardship for brethren in our rural areas this year:
I. Climate Problems: In our area and several parts of Nigeria this year, there have been excess rains that have flooded homes and farmlands. This have caused untold loses resulting in hardships and food shortages for native folks. Rice farms, cassava plots and yams have been washed away in so many villages. Same as livestock and poultry farms.
II. The State Of insecurity: right at the beginning of this year- on January 2nd, when the activities of Boko Haram and later the notorious Fulani Herdsmen and now Kidnapping have continued to make lives unsafe in and around our county. Especially the fact that we are at the ‘gateway’ between the North and the South, we have felt the impact more in the past year. Years back, we heard of insecurity as ‘news’ from afar. Now it is in our doorstep. As even rural folks cannot go to their farms and gardens freely. The cumulative result is less food for people.
III. The civil war in Cameroon has led to the spread of refugees into Nigeria. So many Nigerians have been in Cameroon for ages [A part of Cameroon was part of Nigeria in the past] As a matter of fact, Nigerians have been the major missionaries working in the English part of that country. Nigerians are business men, farmers and tradesmen in Cameroon. Now war is ravaging the country- especially the English speaking part closer to Nigeria. So refugees have fled to live in many villages and towns. There is a Cameroon family in our congregation.
Sylvester A Imogoh

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