Ten Things You Should Never Do With Your Nose (Metaphorically Speaking)


  • Look down it at somebody (the sin of pride).
  • Stick it into someone else’s business (the sin of meddling).
  • Pick it (the sin of self-destructive behavior).
  • Get it out of joint (the sin of anger).
  • Cut it off to spite your face (the sin of bitterness).
  • Pay through it (the sin of materialism).
  • Not see beyond it (the sin of selfishness).
  • Be hard-nosed (the sin of stubbornness).
  • Thumb it at someone (the sin of rudeness).
  • Turn it up at others (the sin of haughtiness).

Rather, let’s keep our noses clean, keep our noses to the grindstone of God’s business, and keep our noses in the Bible!

Edd Sterchi, Campbellsville, KY via BULLETIN DIGEST

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