The Loneliest Man in the World

He’s the last known survivor. It is believed that the rest of his Amazonian tribe was murdered two decades ago by land-hungry ranchers, and ever since, he has been living a solitary life in the remote state of Rondonia, Brazil.

Authorities say he spends his days hunting pigs, monkeys, and birds with a bow and arrow. Those who have been observing the man from a distance believe him to be in his fifties (BBC News, July 20, 2018). The lonely man has no father, no brothers nor sisters, no human connections to the outside world, no fellowship with people like him, and no social support.

Silhouette of young man

While this is a tragic scenario, even more tragic is the loneliness of the soul without Christ, and therefore, no connection to God.



The Christless Soul Has No Father. Second Corinthians 6:18 quotes God as saying that He will be the Father of those who are obedient to Him. The soul connected to God through Christ will never experience spiritual loneliness.

The Christless Soul Has Neither Brothers Nor Sisters. Jesus said that those who do the will of the Father in heaven are brothers and sisters to Him (Matthew 12:48-50). Souls aren’t designed to be only children.

The Christless Soul Has No Spiritual Support Network, no fellowship with those who are in Christ, and no connections spiritually. God, through Scripture, has emphasized the necessity of personal interaction as a means to build one another up (Romans 14:19). Self-edification is a shallow substitute for positive interpersonal interaction.

The loneliest soul in the world is the soul without a connection to God through Christ.

Christians need to reach out to the Christless and let them know that they aren’t meant to be alone.

(Troy Albers, Rosenberg, TX)

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