It has selected that Tuesday, August 14th as the time for our Annual Appreciation Breakfast. We will begin serving food that morning at 7 AM and continue until 9 AM.

For those of us who also work in the Pantry, this will be a challenging schedule — but I am confident we can do it! On the back table in the auditorium are sign-up sheets for those who are willing to work in the breakfast ministry. As usual, we will need home cooks to prepare the bacon & sausage at home and bring it to the building that morning. We still need more cooks at the building to prepare pancakes, eggs and biscuits, etc. There will also be jobs for hosts & hostesses and for eater/ greeters as well.  Please sign up and help us make this Appreciation Breakfast a great one!


Today, Sunday, July 19th, our Fellowship Meal is a Hawaiian LUAU

Hopefully you have made plans to stay, enjoy the food, fellowship and the beautiful decorations that Teri always creates for us!  Hosts & hostesses are: John & Tina Brewer, Lynn & Kathy Patterson and Don & Paula Welch.


Has no special needs this week.

Thanks for your continued support of this ministry.  Keep it in your prayers.


You may have been looking in vain for our bulletin board lately. Since we repainted the auditorium, our bulletin board has been relocated to the communion (prep.) room in the back of the auditorium.  We still post important news, our announcement sheets, cut-out articles from newspapers and other items on that board. Please go ever once in a while in that little room and check out what is on the board.

human-footprints_318-46627BEAUTIFUL FOOTNOTES

***We are thankful to share an exciting report from four Nigerian preachers we helped sent to Swaziland to help brethren there in efforts to strengthen and share God kingdom. Brother Mike Udam, who we regularly aid, makes the report. Please keep the efforts of the Gospel in Africa in your prayers. For the elders, Ken D


On the 5th of July 2018, 4 Nigerian Christians, motivated by the resolve to take the gospel to all Africa and also to strengthen the existing congregations in targeted areas, left Nigeria for Swaziland on the request of the church meeting at Matsapha, Swaziland for a ten day mission work.

groupWe arrived in Swaziland on the 6th of July and began work immediately. We had three basic points of concentration. The church meeting at Matsapha, the Clinic owned and run by the church also in Matsapha, and the African Christian College in Tubungu.

After meeting with the elders of the congregation on arrival, a program of activities that was proposed and drawn before we arrived was modified to take into consideration some exigencies.

Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th were used to interact with the congregation with the team workshopping with divided classes of youths and adults on leadership and evangelism strategies. The afternoon sessions also had a value-adding session of marital counselling for the adult class.

On Monday 9th, our evangelism focus was the clinic where we spent the entire day preaching, counseling and praying for patients that came for out-patient consultation. Some desktop computers that were never used were also brought out for repairs and configuration to get them working.

We participated in the midday chapel sessions of the African Christian College on both Tuesday 10th and Thursday 12th where we shared two powerful Bible centered sermons and spent two hours after classes in the afternoons of both days adding value to the students’ knowledge on Internet Evangelism and setting up a computer business center.

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