Dear Church Family,
The monogrammed afghan is so perfect! We love it! Thank you all so much, it will be treasured and it is on display in our living area. Our move has been hard and not without problems, but, our son Bob and daughter-in-law, Penny, have worked all weekend to get us unpacked. They brought her sister and brother-in-law over on the 4th of July, and they all worked, unpacking kitchen stuff, arranging furniture, hanging pictures etc. and fed us also. I’m sure we will get settled one of these days and pray all goes well. We already miss you all! There is a group of Church of Christ folks that meet in the Library and we plan on making that our new church home. Hope and pray that all is well there and will be keeping in touch. We will be going back to Marble Falls for John’s treatment.
Thanks so much, we love you all.
In Christian love,
Ida & John
P.S. I have a “fat” finger on my left hand —— HUSH —— “broke it”.

Sherry Wills aunt, Sally Vanden Bosch, passed away at home on Saturday, July 7th. A Memorial Service was held on Saturday, July 14th, at the Cherry Hill Presbyterian Church in Dearborn, Michigan. Our prayers, love and sympathy go out to Sherry and all in the family. May God be the greatest comfort to all.

Today, Sunday, July 15th, after our evening worship time, we will have this annual get-together. Home-made ice-cream seems to be the favorite version, but there are also some good-tasting store bought varieties. Whatever goes well with ice-cream includes brownies, other kinds of cookies, cakes, sprinkles, etc. These things are very well accepted. We hope that all have made plans to join in on this cool and cooling fellowship this evening!

The Team, led by Cary & Brenda Miller, will meet on Wednesday July 18th, at 6:30 pm in the library for their assignments.

Needs – Shampoo
Thank you!

The Highland Lakes church of Christ financial information is always available for the congregation members upon request. Please ask the elders and they will make sure to get a copy to you or answer your questions.

human-footprints_318-46627BEAUTIFUL FOOTNOTES
Please pray on behalf of the Welches and the work in Cambodia. For the elders, Ken D



Mission Cambodia News & Update 30 June, 2018 (Part Two of Two)
Thank you for praying with us…
• “Every great move of God started with a movement of prayer.” (unknown) Thank you for your prayers!!! “Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” – Matthew 9:38
Other news and highlights…
• Learning a new language is an ongoing task. The longer we live in Cambodia (10 years now) we realize we still have so much to learn in order to listen, communicate and understand culture. Over the last few months we have started some new language classes focusing on discipleship. This course will better equip us with the language used in the Cambodian Bible, as well as culturally appropriate ways to share and study God’s Word.
• PEACE School has completed another year. It has been a rich blessing for Sharon to participate with the students and school staff serving in the library. It’s great seeing the students continue to be more and more interested in reading and improving their skills. Please pray for continual spiritual growth for the students, and teachers!
• The ministry of Prayer Circles Cambodia (PCC) continues to do ministry throughout Cambodia. On the most recent ride one of our Cambodian brothers said; “I joined with the Prayer Circle to explore the rural area where the gospel has not reached yet. In there I learned there are many lost souls as I share Gods Word with three old ladies and one of them said, she had never heard anyone sharing and teaching Jesus to people in her village yet. I’m really praying for the sower to keep sowing the seed into that village and the many more villages around.” We praise God for the power of prayer!
• More individuals have been asking about joining the PPC ministry. A major factor for prayer rides includes experience for riding in difficult terrain. Therefore, Dennis has been very helpful in training a number of individuals for future prayer rides.

thumbnailWe are grateful to be back home, refreshed and excited to see what God has in store for us and our long-term future in Cambodia. Thank you for being a faithful part of the work here and the difference you are making in our lives and the lives in Cambodia. We love you and appreciate you beyond measure.
Grace, Peace, Love & Blessings, Dennis and Sharon

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