VISITATION PROGRAM – The Team, led by Cary & Brenda Miller, will meet on Wednesday, June 13th, at 6:30 pm in the library for their assignments.


Keep in Your Prayers Charlotte and Madison Stone, daughter and granddaughter of the Futrells. They left Friday for a mission trip to Tanzania, Africa, with several others from the Southside church of Christ in Fort Worth.


Marceline McVey, mother of Mary K. Flanary, passed from this life on Tuesday, June 5th, in Garden City, Kansas. She was 103 years old. Funeral arrangements were made through Garnand Funeral Home in Garden City, the funeral service took place at 10 am at St. Mary’s Catholic church on Saturday, June 9th.

Michael Eickler, son of Mary Kattner’s cousin, Barbara Sue, passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday, June 5th. He was buried at the Aransas Prairie View cemetery, close to family members.

The love of our hearts, our thoughts, prayers and sympathy are going out to all the bereaved in these two families.


The Central Texas Church of Christ Singles Facebook Group invites all singles, all ages from 18 to 99, to a “Game Night” on Saturday, June 23rd. This “Game Night” will actually take place in the afternoon from 3 PM to 6 PM. Hosting this event will be the Southern Hills Church of Christ in Buda, located on 31740 FM 967. Those attending are asked to bring games, drinks and snack food. A flyer about this “Game Night” is on the bulletin board with all the information and the contact email:<centraltexassinglesforchrist@gmail.com>.


Safety Monitor Duties:  The safety monitor will provide safety and security monitoring for all church services on an assigned rotational basis which will be published in the church bulletin. If a member cannot fulfill their monitoring duty, they will find a replacement and report who will replace them to the Elder on call. Responsibilities of the safety monitor are available from the deacons.   The name of the volunteer will appear on page 4 of the bulletin with the date. You may want to cut out this information for future use.  Volunteers: Henry Kattner, Bill Flanary, David Zoller, Troy Futrell, Kynn Maxwell, Billy Hazelwood, Bill Blackstone, Scotty Adams and Bob Foster


Needs:  Shampoo and bath soap

Thank you for your support of this ministry!


In a recent report from Gospel Chariot Missions, which we are blessed to support, Godwin Issac reported on the visit of the new Nigerian chariot and crew which visited Community Secondary Commercial School, Ibiaku Itam on May 31, 2018. Godwin reported that over 1000 new students were enrolled in World Bible School. The photos below tell the story better than words. Please pray that the Gospel chariot and WBS will help the lost find their God. For the elders, Ken D


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