Last week, 780 lessons were mailed to students in Nigeria that we are teaching. Thank you, Henry K, for taking the two big bags to the Post Office!



Salvador San Tillan is ready every Sunday morning to teach a Bible class in Spanish. This is a worthy endeavor. Do you have friends who would benefit from this Spanish Bible study? Let them know about it by giving them a warm, personal invitation. Those who already come, make them feel welcome and at home in our fellowship.


Under the direction of our elders the deacons are working to implement an organized safety program for Christ’s church. A designated member to serve as a Safety Monitor will be watching the church surveillance cameras, responding to the intercom by the front door, and designated to call 911 if needed during all church worship services. Volunteers to serve as a Safety Monitor would be assigned to work on a rotational basis. A signup sheet will be on the rear table of the church for members who want to volunteer to serve.


 . . . we will have a special guest speaker, Kirk Eason from SABC (Southern Africa Bible College). We will hear him give a special report in the combined adult class and he will also preach. We are looking forward to having him with us again.

 This is also the Sunday for our monthly fellowship meal. Hosts & hostesses: Cary & Brenda Miller, Lynn & Kathy Patterson, Pat DeVore and Vicky Parr.


Needs – Tooth paste, Bath soap

Thank you for your support of this ministry

human-footprints_318-46627BEAUTIFUL FOOTNOTES

We are thankful to work with the Emperados in the Philippines to spread the gospel and thank God for Richard and his family’s dedication to this work. In this article they share what the family is doing. Please keep them in your prayers. For the elders, Ken D

Dear Family & Friends,

Howdy! I know it has been awhile since you have heard from us…summer months are just a blur around here…trying to catch Richard at home long enough to sit down and write is really hard. Ever since he & Grant returned from China the end of March, he has been on the go.

Richard & Becky Emperado 2017We packed up the girls’ house in Cebu in April and moved the three kids to a townhouse in Dumaguete, Negros to get ready to start college in June. Moving them wasn’t easy…due to the road construction going on the highway in front of their street, we could only get the Hino (our long jeepney) down their street past midnight, load in the dark, and be out by five a.m. We had to make two trips like that, driving 7-9 hours one way due to road construction, only to go a little over 100 miles.

We are happy to share that starting June 11, we will have three freshman college students attending Silliman University. Jennylyn plans to study Elementary Education, Jennylou plans to study psychology, and Grant wants to study history. We have had struggles trying to get them enrolled, due to some paperwork issues since the girls were adopted & their birth certificates were not registered by a local government twenty years ago, like they were supposed to be. We had to go back to the adoption courts, get their papers reissued, have their birth certificates reissued, then sent to Manila to be registered. Richard and the girls have been working on all of that for over six months. We are still waiting for the birth certificates to get here. We also faced challenges because they were homeschooled and all three kids have dual citizenship, but Richard was able to use his charm to get it done. I love this man! He has the patience, kindness, and the ability to talk to whoever he needs to into helping him. The kids are really excited to start this new chapter of their lives. Silliman University is a small private Christian school, started by American missionaries back in 1901. I think they have around 10,000 students. Dumaguete is the capital of Negros Oriental, and it is built around the university. Their house is near the ocean and about a 15 minute walk to the school. They don’t have jeepneys in the city here, everywhere they go, they will have to ride motorcycle trikes. At least now, we will all be on the same island. Our house in Calag Calag is only about 2 hours away. We hope to have an internet connection at their place soon, so that will make it easier to keep in touch.

Much love, Richard & Becky

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