Summertime is approaching and with it comes Bible Camp in early June! For several years now our congregation has been involved in sponsoring the children of the congregation so they can attend the “Heart of Texas Bible Camp” in Brady, TX. We would like to continue this ministry in 2018.  In the past some members have chosen to sponsor a child and relieve the church of the cost. If you would like to help in this worthy cause, please talk to one of the elders. – Joe

The cost per child is $125.00 which the church will pay for our kids who want to attend.  The sessions are:

Session I (June 3rd-8th) — Ages: 4th — 7th grade

Session 2 (June 10th-15th) — Ages: 8th —12th grade


Needs – Plastic bags

Thank you for your support of this ministry.


The group will eat together on Thursday, May 10th, at the Hoover Valley Café @ 5:30 PM.  Everyone is invited for a time of good food and fellowship.  The sign-up sheet is on the table in the back of the auditorium.


Henry Kattner’s nephew, John William Stradley, passed unexpectedly from this life on Monday, April 30th. He lived in Slidel, Louisiana. A military funeral took place in Slidel, TX, on Friday, May 4th at a military cemetery.

Our love, sympathy and prayers are going out to Henry and everyone in the family.

human-footprints_318-46627BEAUTIFUL FOOTNOTES

Psalm 60:12 (ESV) “With God we shall do valiantly

What wonderful work can be done with God’s help. In the following report the Emperados share some of the plans for the work in the Philippines. We pray God will help bless that work to His Glory. Please keep the Emperados and the work in the Philippines in your prayers. For the elders, Ken D

As we turn to make plans for the next three years and five years….we hope to see the School of National Evangelism & the Seyer Training Center we have going at our place in Negros…continue to grow and help young Christians with the ability to earn a vocational skill & biblical training to be self-supporting evangelist. We would like to recruit more short term teachers from the U.S. who can come for a week or two, and teach a Bible class or share a vocational skill. We would like to see and have between 10-15 students each year enroll, so our budget, dormitory, and facilities can be used fully.

20476117_10211094062121598_7226058561490913960_nWe hope in the next two years to finish planting churches in capital cities by the end of 2020. We still need to find sponsor for the last three capital cities. We of course, will have ongoing nurturing & follow up work in young churches planted, on a monthly basis. I know now, that Mati & Tandag churches planted last December 2017, which are located in a more Muslim area down in southern Mindanao, will take more work to establish and a different approach due to ongoing conflicts in nearby areas. Thankfully we have some great partners down there, who are stepping up and helping with monthly follow up work right now. We will continue to visit struggling churches and help put MOSES workers in place when funds are available. We hope to be able to continue helping the two orphan families we have been working with for the past ten years. We don’t have plans to add any new orphans to our care right now, our hands are full, and the budget is stretched tight, but if God showed us another great need….this was a work that was not on our radar until God brought them to us in a MOSES class in the mountains. We are thankful for all those who have helped us help these kids.

In Him, Richard & Becky Emperado

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