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Today, Sunday, January 28th is the deadline for submitting names for new proposed Elders!  The proposed and willing candidates will be announced next Sunday, February 4th. We will be informed about the installation date later.


Our visitation program has served us and the Lord well since its inception in 2007, and we desire to continue this ministry in 2018. A reorganization meeting is planned for Sunday, February 4TH, following the evening worship service. Pizza will be served in the Fellowship Hall prior to an evaluative discussion of the program and suggestions for the new year. If you would like to be involved in this ministry, a sign-up sheet is posted at the rear of the auditorium.


Steve Catoe, Positive Approach to Care and Validation Therapy Trainer, will present quality education on topics such as ever-changing roles, rounding up your posse, and finding direction on your journey. Day and time: Thursday, March 8th, 11:30 am —1:00 pm. at the Llano County Public Library, 102 E. Haynie St. in Llano. The class is free and lunch is provided, but registration is required. Phone: 800-367-2132, email: vcardenas@txalz.org.  More information is on the bulletin board.

human-footprints_318-46627BEAUTIFUL FOOTNOTES

This is the 2nd part of the mission report from the Emperados in the Philippines. This is written by Richard and as Becky said in part 1 last week, this is the unedited version from Richard who speaks better English than writes. The real exciting part is it is written from the field where Richard and his fellow workers are making efforts to help spread our Lord’s kingdom. Keep all in your prayers. For the elders, Ken D.

Philippine Mission Report 2017

Howdy! The last quarter of 2017 was a major challenge. I have faced uncertainties for the first time in twenty years of planting churches. I was about to cancel the two church plantings in Tandag and Mati because of safety reasons. The Philippine government and U.S. embassy advisory warned us against traveling to the south that unfortunately would include Tandag and Mati due to the demise of the two big ISIS leaders. People are scared about possible relations. Originally I had planned to take fifty to sixty volunteers in the HINO bus and drive down south but because we were advised not to do so due to the fact bigger groups would attract possible terrorist attacks there.

I had a hard time struggling whether I should continue or cancel the church planting. I was about to write our sponsoring church and other supporting churches about canceling our original plans but after giving much thought and praying about it, I had decided to push through with the Mati and Tandag But only bring a handful of volunteers and use a “low key” approach which meant no advertisements or gospel meetings at night, We’d have to rely on the old fashion house to house evangelism. So from December third to tenth, we held a week of evangelism in Tandag! Amongst the volunteers I brought with me are six S.O.N.E. students whom had been trained in both Bible and vocational skills. Each one of them are capable of sharing the gospel and had mastered the Back to the Bible Series.

As a result of sharing the gospel, the SONE students baptized two new souls only two days later. Anita and Corazon were the two new souls that were add to our growing family. They are both elderly ladies. Anita offered her house near the highway to be the church meeting place. It was such a blessing! So not only do we have a new church in Tandag but also two new sisters to join the family. More members joined after I left. I left Rolando Entece and MC to do the follow-up work from day to day. Interesting to note that MC is actually the grandson of Rolando Entece and now their working together there in Tandag. I plan on visiting them on the 3rd week of January. Please keep Tandag in your prayers.

Then on December 11th we drove almost seven hours south to Mati. Mati is very unique. It has gorgeous “powdery” white sandy beaches that are breathtaking. It is also a major fishing ground and only cost fifty cents per pound for every fresh tuna from the fishermen. We ate tuna nearly every day!

img_5219Almost one half of the population in Mati are Muslims but we quickly found out their peace loving there. However we still did our best to avoid having Bible studies with them but instead focusing on finding the Christians there. For a week we worked and baptized three souls there but later we met a “remnant” of the old “premillennial” Church of Christ. They have a little chapel and have remained faithful. The leader of their group is a school teacher. I had a heart to heart talk to him and asked him the “fundamental question” about premillennialism and he said it’s merely an opinion. He offered a room in his house for nicar and medardo own two evangelism. The teacher also offered their little chapel to be the new meeting place. Thus the church has officially began in Mati!

There’s still a lot of prospects for Bible study and it seems the people in general are interested in Bible study! After going to Tandag for a follow up, I will also travel to Mati for a couple of days to check up on them as well. Please include the young Mati church in your prayers.

Tomorrow early Wednesday January 10th, I’ll be flying out to Iloilo city then I’ll have to take a thirty minute boat ride to Jordan, the capital of Guimaras. The SONE students will follow from Negros Island on the boat to help determine the receptivity of the people. While I spend my days looking at hotel rooms and function areas, the students will be out in the field evangelizing. The purpose for this survey trip is for Tom Washburn and the Austin Avenue Church of Christ preparation for the church planting in July. A group from Austin Avenue church of Christ in Brownwood, Texas will fly over and work with the MOSES team to plant the church in Jordan. After a couple of days in Jordan, I plan on taking the team to San Jose the capital of Antique, which is about three hours from Jordan to do the same thing we did on the survey trip for Jordan. We will stay a couple of days to evangelize in order to gauge the receptivity of the people there. Afterwards will be the time to decide whether we do Jordan or San Jose. Is it possible to do both like we did with Tandag and Mati? That will require more planning and prayers as well. We love you all, Richard and Becky

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