Sunday, December 10th at noon, after our morning worship assembly, we will have our Holiday/Fellowship Meal, in the Fellowship Room.  This is a very special meal when all bring their favorite food and stay for good fun and fellowship. Visitors are invited as our special guests; there is always plenty of food! As always, afterwards, we are dismissed for the day with no PM service so you may spend the remainder of the day with family.


Needs:  Tooth Paste & Soap

Thank you!


What follows is part one of the latest report from the Emperados in the Philippines. We are thankful to be fellow workers with them. Keep Richard, his family, and all of the work there in your prayers. For the elders, Ken D

Dear family and Friends,

Merry Christmas! We hope this quick update finds everyone happy & well. Emperado bunch is doing well. Richard & Grant have been traveling the last couple weeks with our American visitor from the North Garland Church of Christ in Enid, Oklahoma, Michael Manly. They made it back to Cebu on Nov. 27, in time to celebrate the girls’ 23rd birthday. Michael got here the end of Oct. and left Dec. 1. Richard then left Dec. 2 for Mindanao to start the church planting work in Tandag. Before he left, he wrote a report about our time with our American visitor this past month.

6 Weeks with Michael Manly…

Howdy! I want to tell you about the adventures and works for the Lord I have had these past six weeks with our visitor, Michael Manly. After Mike arrived the end of Oct, after being delayed a day while traveling, and resting overnight in Cebu, we headed off to our place in Negros. Mike had been preparing for months to teach a weeklong class on the book of Acts for…..Our S.O.N.E./Seyer students. He did an excellent job teaching & challenging our students to study the Bible more in-depth. He spent his first Saturday there going house to house with the students in Tambo, up in the mountains. The next Saturday, we had MOSES classes back in Tambo, where Mike & Tse Ming helped with teaching and evangelism. Mike also taught our students how to grow a small garden in a barrel, and he worked with students in the afternoon in their welding & automotive classes. He also helped the students harvest the nets set out in the ocean to catch fish to eat. He was willing to help in any way we needed.

image8When we finished up in Negros, we headed back to Cebu, rested for a day, then Mike, Grant, and I began our journey to Catarman, Samar. It was a long journey, we spent six hours on an overnight boat from Cebu to Leyte, then we drove 8 hours across Leyte to Samar. The Catarman Church was celebrating its first year anniversary. Mike taught classes for a day on Acts. After the class, four souls obeyed the Lord and were baptized. Then on the following day Sunday, Grant had the opportunity to preach. His lesson was on standing firm in 1 Corinthians 15.

After church, we traveled south to Calbayog City, to visit the church we helped plant almost 20 years ago, when we first got started. We visited the evangelist there, Brother Titing Inso and we were so glad to hear about his work. Titing is a very devoted worker and has baptized many people. He is the older brother of the evangelist in Catarman, that I wrote about in my last newsletter. The one year old church in Catarman has grown into three. In fact, this week Inso has baptized two more people and is having a study with three new families, who are desiring to obey the Lord.

Love, Richard, Becky, Lyn, Lou, and Grant

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