. . . the “Continue to Remember” list and the “In The Military” list periodically, updates are very important! If you think that your name or the name of a loved one needs to be removed (or added), please let the secretary (Helga) know! And as always, a written note or an e-mail is best.  Your help is very, very much appreciated!

Dinosaurs UNLEASHED!

These books for teachers and others, who are interested in them, are here. Each book costs $9.00. Please talk to Joe if you would like to have one.


Please delete the Miller’s home phone number in your directory and in. The new numbers are their cell phones, which are available from the church office.


You are invited for Food and Fellowship on December 4, 5:30-7:30 PM, for a Come and Go Holiday Open House at the Miller’s Home, 1922 Bluebonnet Lane.


Needs – Plastic bags – Thank you!


All classes are dismissed on Wednesday, November 22nd, the day before Thanksgiving.


Again, we will collect cookies to be given to the Cherokee Home for Children for their holiday party. The cookies will be packed up by the members of the Ladies Class on Wednesday, November 29th. Homemade cookies and also delicious store-bought ones make a good contribution. They should be brought to the Fellowship Room by Sunday, November 26th.

We can also start bringing stuffed animals/dolls for our Fellowship Meal/Holiday Party on Sunday, December 10th. They will be given to Seton-Care-A-Van for children in the hospital. Make sure that there are only embroidered eyes on the stuffed toys!




We have been blessed to help support Amanda Chumalo in South African Bible College. This is her final report as she will finish her program this year. Please keep her in your prayers, especially praying God will continue to use her to make a difference for Him. For the elders, Ken D

Dear Brethren,

When people start telling a story, they usually start at the beginning where it all began but, I would rather choose to be different as I always am DIFFERENT. I am completing my 3rd year this year, yes! I am, and yes, I do think it is a big deal. Why? I would be 1 of 2 ladies to complete in a long time, I would be the first grandchild from my Mothers’ side to bring home a degree, I would be my Mothers’ first child to bring home a degree because I am the eldest and it is a big deal because I am not so sure about my future. Currently I have applied for about 10 Jobs as a clerk or receptionist in numerous companies around Gauteng. I only got 1 reply and it was negative so I am just a little bit scared. I plan on getting a job and furthering my studies part-time at UNISA; I would love to study Public Relations.

Besides my personal endeavors I work with a small congregation in Buhle Park Church of Christ. I am a Sunday School teacher there and teach a huge class that has all ages mixed together because we do not have facilities to have different classes and teachers yet. Working with that congregation has been an eye opener and an experience at its best. I have seen how much I have learnt in the classroom at the College including Sunday school class; these teachings and classes have molded me into an even more passionate believer and lover of Christ. I have grown into a true God-fearing woman and have applied my knowledge and seem to have impacted the Congregation in ways I have never thought I would. I was humbled when two women from the congregation told me that they see the growth in their children and the knowledge they have gained from attending Sunday School. The other said that the reason she came to Worship Service was because her grandchildren refused to go with her to a denomination simply because, “teacher Amanda’s Sunday School is fun”. (I am not saying these things to brag but to show how the College has changed me.)

Again I give my thanks and gratuity to my Lectures — Beverly Lothian, the Staff, and the Sponsors’ all these people dedicate their time to make sure that the College is up and running for people like me to be educated. I cannot be grateful enough and thank Our Heavenly Father for the College and using all these people to keep the College afloat.

I was 14 years old when I got baptized in a denomination, since then I had been striving to live a Christian life. Until I asked myself why we do things the way we do as “Christians” my biggest question was why there were so many different churches but all served one God. Well, later when I turned 18, I promised myself and my parents that after studying Psychology I would study Theology. Long story short; my student loan at MGI where I was studying Psychology did not work out and I decided to study Theology first, to “put God first”.

On the 25 of January 2015, my Mother and I walked into SABC for the first time and met a man named Mr. Theo Rappard and the rest is history.

Thank you again for your support. You have helped me grow and through me you make a difference for a lot of people.


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