We thank you all for your prayers and all the beautiful cards. You are all special to us.”  Love, Phil & Lorna

Dearest Brothers & Sisters,

We are so grateful to you! I think we have said this often, but really, “words are not enough to express our gratitude.” Dennis and I (our girls Srey -Khuech, Thary and Sreypov) are so glad to have you in our lives and appreciate your continued love, prayers, encouragements and support.

Thank you!!!

Grace, Peace, Love and Blessings,

Dennis & Sharon


VISITATION PROGRAM Team #1 (leaders: Joe & Teri Winnett) meeting on November 8th has been cancelled!


19424206_1487584767952918_8996008763587520967_nNext Sunday morning, November 12th, our special guest speaker will be Monte Tuttle from EEM, Eastern European Mission. He will give a report about this important work in the combined adult Bible class in the auditorium. He will also preach during the morning worship assembly.

EEM (Eastern European Mission) is a non-profit organization providing Bibles and Christian literature in languages of Eastern and Central Europe. The goal is to increase the knowledge of God’s Word and encourage development of Christian faith and values. The materials offered are available and completely free of charge to individuals, schools, libraries, prisons, orphanages, churches, and other entities in the region. This very important work is supported by benevolent donations of individuals from around the world.” (From the EEM Website)

The following Sunday, November 19th, we will have the opportunity to take part in a special contribution to help EEM to have more Bibles and related materials to give to those before-mentioned organizations in Eastern and Central Europe. Lives and souls will be changed through our generous contributions.

Ken Darnell will preach next Sunday night in the absence of Joe. Joe & Teri will be on their trip to Tennessee where they will pick up Teri’s brother, Patrick. Patrick will be making his home with Joe & Teri now.

human-footprints_318-46627BEAUTIFUL FOOTNOTES

Next Sunday morning, November 12th Monte Tuttle from Eastern European Missions will give us a report on the work that EEM is doing. Pray for the work that EEM is doing.  For the elders, Ken D

Here is also some information from the EEM website about some books translated into the appropriate languages.   Eastern European Mission offers a set of Bible-based materials designed to serve as resources for spiritual and moral education of children and teenagers. Our books are non-confessional in nature and used by parents and educators from a variety of Christian backgrounds. They simply focus on retelling the story of the Bible in a language appropriate for the age group while drawing attention to positive traits, principles, and actions that can help the youth develop a strong moral character for daily living.

Examples of the kinds of books:

Bible for Young Readers

EEM1This book is a collection of the most important stories from the Bible, rewritten in a language appropriate for 7 to 10 year olds. Each of the 92 stories is richly illustrated with images that are vivid and modern, sparking the interest of the young readers. The book is designed to introduce children to the world of the Bible and help them establish a habit of reading it on regular basis. Author: Dr. Michael Armour.


Bible for You

EEM2Bible for You” is a collection of biblical stories, with passages taken directly from the Holy Scriptures (in Hungarian, from the New Revised Translation (Revideált Új Fordítás) by Hungarian Bible Society (Magyar Bibliatársulat Alapítvány) and in Romanian from the Holy Bible, New Romanian Translation (Noua Traducere În Limba Română) by Biblica, Inc.). Each story is preceded by a short introduction and followed with 2-3 simple questions reflecting on the text. “Bible for You” is written for pre-teens and young teens (11-15 year olds) at their reading level. It is designed to help them transition from reading stories paraphrased from the Bible to working directly with the biblical text to find answers to moral and ethical challenges they may be facing. Author: Scott Hayes and Lynn Camp

Lessons in Character for Children

EEM3This workbook is a collection of practical lessons introducing ten positive character traits from the Bible. It is designed for children ages 9 to 12. Each chapter includes quotes from the Bible, exercises, questions, and activities to teach and strengthen a particular character trait. Author: Fran Armour

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