antique-oak-hymn-board-2-availableSome Christians, by the way they are living their lives, would obviously like for some of the songs we sing to be changed to the following:

* I Surrender Some

* It is Fairly Well with My Soul

* Fill My Spoon, Lord

* Oh, How I Like Jesus

* He’s a Little Bit to Me

* I Love to Let Someone Else Tell the Story

* Take My Life and Let Me Be

* Where He Leads, I’ll Consider Following

* Just as I Pretend to Be

* Onward Christian Reserves

* When the Saints Go Sneaking In

* Sit Down, Sit Down for Jesus

* My Hope is Built on Somewhat Less

* How Neglected is the Book Divine

* I Need Thee Every Other Hour

* To Canaan’s Land I Hope I’m On My Way

Christian, give some thought to the way others see you living your life and ask yourself, “Do they see my life’s song projected as ‘I Surrender Some’ or ‘I Surrender All’?” “Do they see me expressing ‘It is Fairly Well with My Soul’ or ‘It is Well with My Soul’?” “Do they see me proclaiming ‘I Love to Let Someone Else Tell the Story’ or ‘I Love to Tell the Story’?”


You get the idea.  Are you really committed to Christ, or just “sorta” committed?

Edd Sterchi (article adapted) Broadway church of Christ, Campbellsville, KY

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