As members of the church, we all understand the need to share God’s Word. Sometimes we speak to people who just aren’t interested . . . and sometimes we find interested people who just can’t speak our language. In our community there are quite a few who speak Spanish as their first language — this is a barrier we have struggled with for years.

I am excited to tell you about a new ministry we are launching at Highland Lakes to help with our local evangelism. Salvador SanTillian has offered to help us develop a Spanish language ministry to reach out into our community. We hope to start a Sunday morning Bible class at 9AM in the church library that will be designed for those who speak Spanish. Of course, like any new work, the hard part is getting the word out to let people know what is available.

If you know anyone who might like to study God’s Word in Spanish, please let them know, or get their name to Salvador and he will tell them! Let’s share this good news!  — Joe

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