1. Don’t forget to pick up the updated pages to our directory on the table in the back of the auditorium.
  2. There are also several copies of the “Recommended Service Providers” list on the same table. Twice a year the deacons meet and update this list. Please, pick one up. Let Helga know if we run out of copies.

* Notice especially the last paragraph on page 4 of the list: “If the vendor proves to be dishonest or does not provide good quality work, please contact Bob Foster who will review the issue with the provider. If the issue cannot be resolved, that particular provider will be removed from the “Recommended” list.”


Needs – Plastic Bags.   Thanks for your help in this ministry


Gerald D. Stockley of Irving, Texas, passed away on Tuesday, July 11th. He was the father of John G. Brewer and Tommie Sledge. Funeral services took place on Monday, July 17th, at the Colonial Funeral Home in Irving.  We extend our deepest sympathy to John, his wife Tina and sister Tommie. Our love and prayers are with all the family and friends of Gerald.


We welcome Kirk Eason today! He will give a report about a special missions work in South Africa that we are helping to support. He will tell us in the combined adult class (in the auditorium) what is done at South African Bible College, SABC. He will also preach.  Afterwards, we will have our monthly Fellowship Meal and Kirk will be our special guest.  Hosts & hostesses today are: Don & Paula Welch, Bill & Mary K. Flanary and Bob & Doris Foster.


. . . but we have already received a reminder that the “Auction Benefitting the Cherokee Kids” will be on September 30th, at the Cherokee Home for Children. There is a flyer on the bulletin board with requests for LARGE items.  See if you can help!

human-footprints_318-46627BEAUTIFUL FOOTNOTES

What a blessing to be part of taking the gospel to Cambodia. Keep this work, Dennis and Sharon and the church in Cambodia in your prayers. For the elders, Ken D

Mission Cambodia News & Update, Part 3 – June 2017

Greetings dearest loved ones. We are extremely encouraged to be sharing with you the joy of ministry.

Devotionals: God has also opened doors for us to assist with some college student group devotionals on Friday evenings. We are so grateful for the opportunity to b e a part of these young lives and seeing them engage in God’s Word. Dennis recently presented a great devotional from Philippians 2 on “Christ’s Example of Humility.” Prayers of thanksgiving for God guiding us and family into new relationships and opportunities to be salt and light.

Quest for local partners: From our early experience in our new work, it is seeming more and more like much benefit could come from a local partner, an existing believer committed to making disciples. Please p ray that the Lord will provide.

Books we’re reading…

“Soul Work” – How does one become a radical Jesus follower? Where do you go to find such faith being lived out? Randy Harris — a popular college teacher and well known preacher shared his story in his search for answers.

“The Truth You Know You Know” – Do you believe that Jesus is God in human form, that He lived a sinless life on earth, was killed on a cross, rose from death, and lives today, bringing salvation and hope of eternal life to the world? You truly believe all this? Prove it. — Ken Rideout a missionary in Thailand returned to the U.S. after 44 years. He found most Christians are not equipped to address these questions. This book challenges us with thought provoking questions in equipping ourselves to answer these questions!

Thank you for praying with us…


Please continue to pray for our efforts to join God in growing and maturing His mighty Kingdom among these precious souls. Prayers God will strengthen us as we continue to become better listeners in the Cambodian language, better story -tellers of His good news and faithful children and servants of His calling. Thank you for all your support, encouragements, love and prayers — to God be the glory. We treasure your prayers and love.   Eternal love & blessings, Dennis & Sharon

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