Remember to pray for our efforts to reach out to our Spanish speaking neighbors. We are blessed to have Salvador SanTillian here to direct our efforts in this great work.  Please, encourage him and remember to invite your friends and neighbors.  For the elders, Larry Moore


One of our special mission works report will be given to us by Kirk Eason from SABC. He will talk to us about this work on July 23rd in the combined adult Bible class and he will also preach.

July 23rd is the fourth Sunday in July and our Fellowship Meal has been re-scheduled for that day (5 Sundays in July). This will give us additional time to visit with Kirk.  Hosts & hostesses: Don & Paula Welch, Bill & Mary K. Flanary and Bob & Doris Foster.


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you so much for your prayers and concern during my angiogram. No blockage was detected in the arteries and the symptoms I was having will be controlled with medication. Special thanks to Ken & Gail Darnell and Ken & Thelma Thuleen for being with us at the hospital. We give praise to God for hearing our prayers and granting mercy and healing! We love you!  Evelyn & Larry Moore

Sisters and Brothers of the congregation,

Thank you for the warmth of your love and the fervency of your prayers during my recent hospital stay and rehabilitation. God is full of mercy and grace. I am doing much better. Thank you for your cards, calls, and visits, especially the ladies who stayed with me at night. Please keep praying for my full recovery. Lorna Palmer


Kevin Taft, nephew of Ken & Thelma Thuleen, passed away last week. We express our warm thoughts, heartfelt love with prayers to Ken & Thelma and all relatives and friends of Kevin.


VISITATION PROGRAM Team #2 (leaders: Cary & Brenda Miller) will meet on Wednesday, July 19th, at 6:30 pm in the library for their assignments.




What a blessing to be part of taking the gospel to Cambodia. Keep this work, Dennis and Sharon and the church in Cambodia in your prayers. For the elders, Ken D

Welches Grapevine for the glory of God – Mission Cambodia News & Update Part 2 – June 2017

Version 2Community Relationships: This past month has been exceptionally encouraging as we continue to reach out and develop new relationships and search for ways to be effective in our ministry. Most days our activities involve morning exercise whereby we have opportunity to engage others, frequent interaction with neighbors, visiting with owners, staff and other customers at a variety of shops and food vendors, and evening walks/chats with those in our community. Our presence in the community and just striving to make ourselves available has resulted in a number of new relationships. Although building trust takes time, we are praising God for opening doors and forward movement.

Other news and highlights…

House-to-House Evangelism:

Version 2I (Dennis) am blessed to be a member of a group of Khmer guys committed to studying God’s Word, sharing the gospel to the lost and strengthening the church. Like the old days at the Bible school, recently we went house-to-house in the countryside telling the gospel story to any who would listen. I love to see their passion that all might hear and believe. Please pray that our group will be light to other believers that they might do likewise.

Bible Studies: Please join us in praising God for opening new doors for us to reach out in our ministry. This month, I (Dennis) have been able to use my gift of teaching and facilitating to some college students living in our community. It has been a blessing studying with these students. We are encouraged to see one student Hoklin, filled with enthusiasm and see his faith grow as he studies God’s Word. Hoklin is now asking questions of the text as we study through the Gospel of Mark. Please join us in prayer for Hoklin and his spiritual journey and relationship with the one and only true God.


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