VISITATION PROGRAM Team #2 (leaders: Cary & Brenda Miller) will meet on Wednesday, May 24th, at 6:30 pm in the library for their assignments.

The Heart of Texas Bible Camp . . .

. . . is just around the corner as June approaches! The two sessions for the different age groups are:

Session One (4th — 7th grade) will be June 4th—9th,

Session Two (8th—12th grade) will be June 11th—16th.

If you still need an application, or if you need to turn one or more in, Joe will help you.

We also need volunteers to drive our campers to the camp in Brady and to also pick them up at the appropriate times. Please, let Joe know as soon as possible if you are able and willing to help with this.


Dear Sisters & Brothers,

Thank you for all your cards and phone calls. You are kind and generous and I am just so grateful!

In Christian love always, Mildred Johnson



More exciting news of a work we support and prayer opportunities for the gospel in Africa, especially concerning the Nigerian chariot. Keep in your thoughts and prayers. For the elders, Ken


March and April 2017

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all doing well. I’m not sure about you, but I am extremely busy and enjoying it as I look into ways to reach a lost and hurting world. Life is so exciting and at times can keep you awake at night believe it or not, ha, ha. I read something today that said “Dreams are not what you have at night, but dreams are what keep you awake at night”. Ha, ha. It is 2.30am in the morning as I write this. I had a good sleep and woke up and could not sleep again, not because I was worrying about something, but because I am dreaming about some evangelistic option for the Lord. It drives me crazy because I really want to sleep, but my mind is too active, at least it does not happen too often, but it does get me at times and it’s exciting because you know something is brewing for the Lord.

That said, I have had a worry or two the last month with the Nigerian Chariot that we’re building in South Africa. I made a boo boo and never checked what hand drive vehicle they use in Nigeria and ordered a right hand drive and they use left hand drive vehicles in West Africa! We then tried to order a left hand drive vehicle in South Africa and we cannot get one. We then thought we’d get a truck in Nigeria and ship the truck to South Africa and put the body on and the government there will not allow it due to corruption. We then looked into getting a truck there and shipping the body and that too had its problems. It’s a problem and problems have a way of being blessings as well. As they say, it’s not what you see, but how you see things. We have now decided to not ship that new chariot to Nigeria, but will allocate it to another country later this year and we have countries standing in line pleading for assistance especially Central Africa where we need to do something urgently.

17022287_1395734133778485_4921149701486314477_nRegarding the Nigerian Chariot, we have located and ordered a Mercedes Atego 4×4 1517 model from the dealership in Nigeria and will take delivery of it next week. Our brethren in Nigeria will then get a body built in Nigeria for the truck. If you can remember, late last year we flew a Nigerian body builder to Kenya to measure up and give us a price on building a chariot in Nigeria, but our Nigerian brethren decided to rather build in South Africa. So we have a price and company in Nigeria that measured up, but it’s a financial problem for us as we build two chariots at the same time.

The bad news is we have a problem – the good news is we’re not getting one chariot into the mission field seeking and saving the lost; we’re now getting TWO Big Gospel Chariots in a period of one year.

We will be pleading for funds through the year to finance the extra chariot and will try to find a matching fund like the last chariot.

Regarding the work – Things are going well and we’re heading into our busy, busy season as all the chariots and teams are heading in different directions. Please pray for all efforts. To God be the Glory. In Him.  Love, Brother George Funk

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