Ladies, next Wednesday, April 26, will be our last Bible Study Class before Summer starts.

We will meet at Gattis’ Pizza after the class to eat together. Thanks to all the teachers who taught the classes and to the ladies who attended these last sessions. Class will start up in the Fall again.


Our April Fellowship Meal will be next Sunday, April 30th, after our morning worship assembly. As always, evening worship is dismissed, we have the afternoon off for other good activities.

Hosts & hostesses will be: Ken & Gail Darnell, Don & Paula Welch and David & Sheri Zoller.

Make your plans to come and enjoy the good food and fellowship!


Plastic Bags are needed.  Thank you!


We were saddened to hear that former member, Minnie Jernigan, passed away on Monday, April 17th, 2017. She had moved to Pasadena, Texas, a few years ago in order to be close to her daughter, Shirley Jernigan. She will be buried in Pasadena close to her husband.

Cards can be sent to her daughter, Shirley Jernigan (address available from the church office)

We send out condolences, love and prayers to Shirley and all the family and friends.




10 So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith. Galatians 6:10 (ESV):

We were blessed a few months ago to help Brother Sylvester Imogoh in Nigeria with funds to drill a Water Bore Hole project to provide fresh water for his family, their neighbors and Christians in their area. What follows is part of a report and thank you letter from Sylvester. Continue to keep the work in Nigeria in your prayers in the efforts to bring “living water” into the lives of its people. For the elders, Ken D

Dear Brethren,

With plenty of gratitude to God who makes all things happen and to YOU who has been used by God to make this project a reality, I am hereby saying “THANK YOU”. I am so very happy and fulfilled to announce to you all that the Water Bore Hole Project for which you sent funds is now complete and working!!! The impact of this is that our home running has been made easier and our house neater. This has impact on health. We are very thankful for these wonderful privileges we are now enjoying.

And as for my neighbors, there are as many as 15 buildings around us from where people come to get water. Some of our brethren come from farther places to get water from our home. Some passerby who notices water running stop by to fetch water also. This time of year is the hardest for water supply. The dry season this year has been very, very tough and dry – which has made water supply even more difficult. You can then imagine the joy in the hearts of people when they know they can come and get water “for free”. Some bore holes in Nigeria are done for ‘commercial purposes’, that is the owners embark on the project as a means of making money by selling the water. Therefore it is not a small thing at all here for people to have free water for their drinking and other domestic purposes.


It is now common to see neighborhood children running to our house as soon as they hear the crank of the generator. Some school children stop by to have a drink from our public outlet by cupping their hands and having a swallow. Even domestic animals – like goats, sheep and chicken also come to have a swallow from time to time from the run -offs on the ground as people fetch water.

The fact is there is no way I can in a letter like this give you enough details for you to know all the values of this water bore hole project that YOU have funded for us . Our joy is full. This has been a long dream – now fulfilled!! Therefore all we are saying again is THANK YOU!

Please be sure to come by our home and have a drink any day you happen to be in our neighborhood!!

In Christian love, Sylvester A Imogoh

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