Farewell & Estate Sale Information

Our Dollene Pearson has now moved to Midland. We will greatly miss you, Dollene and wish God’s richest blessings on you in your new life!  Her temporary address is available from the church office.  She would enjoy receiving cards and encouraging notes, as she is adjusting to a new area, home and people.

Dollene’s Estate Sale will be: Thursday through Saturday, March 9, 10 & 11 at Dollene’s house in Kingsland, TX.  Hours will be Thursday and Friday – 9 am to 4 pm and Saturday — 9 am to 1 pm.

New Flooring

New tile floors were put in the kitchen and in the fellowship room, also in the two bathrooms this past week. Everything looks new and clean. Thanks to everyone who helped bring this about.

Thursday Night Dinner Fellowship

Bill Flanary suggested that we go out to dinner, as a group, as we did a number of years ago. He has put a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board. If you are interested, please sign up so that Bill can reserve places at some restaurant. Those going will meet here at the building at 5:30 pm on Thursday and travel together to the restaurant and enjoy fellowship and food together.

Church Work Day

. . . will be on Saturday, March 4th. Work and sprucing up will be done inside and outside of our building. It will start at 9 am and finish after things are done. Please ask Bill Flanary what needs to be brought for cleaning and other work

human-footprints_318-46627Beautiful Footnotes

Our fellow workers in the Philippines, the Emperados have sent us a report and news that they will be visiting this spring. This is part two of the report started last week. Keep them and the work there in your prayers. For the elders, Ken D

Dear Family and Friends,

We want more of the churches we planted to be like Masbate. In my past report you have heard of the Naval church starting a new church in Lemon, Leyte. Tomorrow I’ll be flying to Catarman, the latest church we planted last November. This will be my last trip before we go stateside. I will visit Naval as well on my way home. The two evangelists in Catarman, told me another church will start about 7 miles away from Catarman this Sunday. It is more convenient to start another worship there on Sunday afternoon because the folks there don’t have vehicles and it will cost them a lot to ride on buses. It will be easier for two evangelists to go there and start another church. Please pray for the young church in Catarman. Our dream is to help them to become a radiating church in the entire Samar Island which is the 3rd largest island of the Philippines.

img_5219Please be praying for our travels and all the things that have to be done before we leave and plans that are being made for the different workers to do while we are gone the next three months. The Seyer Training Center classes will continue while we are gone. We had a graduation the end of January for tailoring, baking, and welding. We have several students who will be continue to the next level of training and they will be able to take licensing tests when we come back in June giving by the government. MOSES classes will go on in Negros each month, hosted by different churches and we have MOSES workers working in churches planted in Bato, Naval, Catarman, Lucena, Camiguin and other smaller towns where MOSES students or Seyer students are doing outreach work with local churches. The farm project in Naval is going well, several church members are helping work with that project there. We will harvest corn, garlic, rice, and mongol beans this week for the Christians to share with those in need and sell to be able to replant again while I am gone.

We appreciate all the love, prayers, and support that you all share with us in the work we are doing here. We look forward to visiting as many of you as possible while we are home and sharing about the work and our plans for the next two years. I am ready for a DQ Dude, Sonic onion rings, and some Braum’s German chocolate ice cream and a chance to go fishing again!

In Him, Richard Emperado

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