Coming Alongside

This is a seminar that is designed to empower one to more effectively minister to family and friends during times of grief and loss or when hospitalized because of surgery or serious illness.  It will take place on Saturday, February 25th, 2017 from 9 a.m. to 12 noon. Location is the Marble Falls church of Christ, 711 Broadway Street. A continental breakfast will be served to those who will come early, at 8:45 a.m.  Presenter will be Tom Nuckels, D.Min., Director of Spiritual Care, Lifeline Chaplaincy Central Texas.  Those who are interested to attend this seminar, please call Lisa Bray (830) 693-5575 at the church office or Valerie (512) 371-3753 before Feb. 22nd. A flier is on the bulletin board with the exact information.

Welcome, New Members!

Recently, three ladies placed membership with us at the Highland Lakes church of Christ. We welcome them and hope that we will be of mutual encouragement in our service to the Lord Jesus Christ.

JONES, Teresa of Horseshoe Bay, TX

KIRKLAND, Amanda of Granite Shoals, TX

RANDLE, Sherry of Granite Shoals, TX

We are so happy that they decided to be a part of our Fellowship at Highland Lakes church of Christ! Directory information is available from the church office.

Visiting for the Master — 2017

The reorganization meeting that was supposed to have taken place on January 22, was postponed to THIS SUNDAY evening (February 12th), after our worship assembly. Pizza will be served in the Fellowship Hall prior to an evaluative discussion of the program and suggestions for this New Year.

The Treasure of a Young Mind

The Children’s Educational Program is in need of more volunteers. Our current teachers would welcome some helpers and we are always looking for those who would teach!  If you would like to help a young mind understand their God…..we have a ministry for you! If you can help, please mention it to Joe or one of the Elders.

human-footprints_318-46627Beautiful Footnotes

Our fellow workers in the Philippines, the Emperados have sent us a report and news that they will be visiting this spring. This is part one of the report. Keep them and the work there in your prayers. For the elders, Ken D

Dear Family and Friends,

Howdy! The Emperado clan is about to have our furlough, we’ll be flying to Houston on February the 17th. We’d been here for a little more than 2 years now and we are so blessed with all the things that God has accomplished through our partnership. As Paul puts it, “For we are workers together with God” I Corinthians 3:9. We have planted two new churches in capital cities, on December 2015 was Lucena City the capital of Quezon province, about 3 hours south of Manila. The second was last November 2016 in Catarman the capital of Northern Samar, 5 hours north of Tacloban, Leyte where Gen. MacArthur landed in World war ll.

RICHARD EMPERADO.pngDuring our furlough on 2014, we have reported about 30 churches we planted in capital cities over an 18 years period. We have identified the remaining 7 capital cities without a church. So, we presented the 20/20 vision that from 2015 to 2020 we will cover these remaining capital cities. With Lucena (2015) and Catarman (2016) already planted, we have only 5 left. There are 5 more cities to cover four years from now, my plan is to plant one church each year starting on November and two the last year. Plan your work and work your plan”, thus the vision we shared in 1997 to plant churches to all the capital cities became a reality. It’s so exciting to look forward that there will be no more capital city to conquer for the gospel. Then, what’s next?

The next challenge is to nurture and help these more than 30 churches grow. We want them to be “reproductive” churches, we want them to radiate to the neighboring towns. Just like the church in Masbate City, we planted it more than 10 years ago, it was the only one back then but now it became instrumental in starting five new churches in five different towns of Masbate province in the town of Kawayan, Pio Corpuz. Mobo, Cataengan and Placer. God has used a young man like “Timothy” who beat all the odds to lead and help the church grow in Masbate City. When our funds ran out to support two evangelists to work with Masbate, Robert showed up, he was a freshman studying to be an accountant. He volunteered to help the church especially on weekends. He supported himself through college selling anything from food, clothing, jewelry and perfumes so he could have money to pay his tuition, room and board, etc. A lot of time, he doesn’t have fare money, so he walks about 5 miles to church on Sunday. I literally saw him catching his breath and soaked on his sweats when I was visiting one Sunday. He is so devoted to the Lord. I never heard him complain instead I saw his joy in serving the Lord. After four years, he graduated Cum Laude in accounting. Now he is a licensed real estate broker and working for the “state” or provincial capital as an assessor. He told me he will always help the Masbate church and the 5 new ones. He asked me to come in June after I return to the Philippines. We will have leadership training and more evangelism.

In Him,  Richard Emperado

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