Scotty Adams placed his membership with us a week ago on January 11th, a Wednesday evening. He comes to us from a church of Christ in the Houston area. We welcome Scotty (his preferred name) to our congregation at Highland Lakes and hope for a good and blessed relationship as we all work together in the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Please add his information to your current directory, which is available from the church office.

Helping Hands Pantry News

PANTRY ITEMS NEEDED: Toothbrushes and shampoo

Thank you!

The Treasure of a Young Mind

The Children’s Educational Program is in need of more volunteers. Our current teachers would welcome some helpers and we are always looking for those who would teach!

If you would like to help a young mind understand their God…..we have a ministry for you! If you can h e l p, please mention it to Joe or one of the Elders.

Visiting for the Master—2017 Next Sunday Evening!

Our visitation program has served us and the Lord well since its inception in 2007, and we desire to continue this ministry in 2017. A reorganization meeting is planned for Sunday, January 22nd, following the evening worship service. Pizza will be served in the Fellowship Hall prior to an evaluative discussion of the program and suggestions for the New Year. If you would like to be involved in this ministry, a sign-up sheet is posted at the rear of the auditorium.


Thank you for praying for my family: Howard & Louise Johnson, and Patty Loffler. Everyone is doing better at this time.

The glory and power is the Lord’s.

In Christian love, Barry & Judy Womack

With Sympathy

Johnnie Beryl Griffith passed from this life on January 10, 2017. She had been a member of this congregation for many years, but had been in the Kingsland Care Center for the last few years and at the time of her death. She was 94 years old.

Memorial services will be held at 2 pm on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 at the Putnam Funeral Home and Crematory Chapel, with Joe Winnett officiating. Our thoughts and heartfelt prayers are with Johnnie’s family and all those who knew her.

A Written Note Is Always Best.

If you have any announcement that is important and/or of interest to the whole congregation, or if you would like to have your prayer needs appear in the prayer list (even if you have told other people about it): it is a very good idea to give the secretary a written note with the facts of your requests, as early as possible in the week, no later than 10 a.m. on Thursday. Then it can be incorporated in the upcoming bulletin.

human-footprints_318-46627BEAUTIFUL FOOTNOTES

It is exciting to hear of the progress of the Nigerian Gospel Chariot. Please keep this effort in your prayers. For the elders, Ken D

Gospel Chariot Missions (From Fourth Quarter Report 2016)

Hi Everyone. HAPPY NEW YEAR and we pray and hope this finds you all doing well. We have some wonderful news and that is that we have raised the funds for the New Nigerian Chariot and have paid for it and it has arrived at the body builders for it to be built. That is wonderful news and we need to thank everyone for helping in this regard. All we need now is to pay the remaining amount for the body to be built and fin d the working funds.


2016 has yet again been a wonderful and fruitful year with this ministry helping baptize over 3,000 souls. It’s hard to keep an exact figure, but we estimate around 3,000. A year ago our target was to try baptize 2,000. Brethren, as these chariots are mobilized, more and more souls will come to Jesus. It’s amazing and so exciting as GOD GIVES THE INCREASE. Then there are congregations that are being planted due to brethren using these chariots for the planting of congregations. To be truthful, it is very hard to keep up with all the good taking place as our African brethren reach their own continent with zeal and zest for Jesus.

From me to you, all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. We are now going into 20 countries in Africa. I am doing research on the DRC (Congo) in Central Africa and there is nothing really going on there. We’re also working with our West African brethren regarding Mauritania and Mali where we can strike out from The Gambia and Senegal. Not a place I want to personally do mission work, but our African leaders are pleading with us to partner with them on this. They are the very leaders who oversee our Ghana Gospel Chariot and so God continues to open doors.

Thank you all and Thank You God our Great Provider

f180054e-d11c-4b0b-846b-9e189ce286a8This is the new Hino 500 4×4 truck which has been purchased and is now at the body builders in South Africa being transformed into a Gospel Chariot. Exciting news – there are 161 million souls in Nigeria and we have a great team ready to work and oversee this new addition. Thank you to all for helping make this happen. All we need now are the work funds to keep these wheels rolling once the chariot has been built. We will ship it to Nigeria from South Africa. We were hoping on building it in Nigeria, but our Nigerian brethren encouraged us not to due to quality of work and corruption in the country.

f2629355-bc5c-4310-912e-ac7357231354These are the leaders in Nigeria who will network with other leaders in Nigeria. They are Peter Ugure, Godwin Isaac and Biodun Owalabi. Please pray for the manufacture of this Big Nigerian Gospel Chariot.

To God be the Glory. In Him. Love, Brother George Funk

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