New Wednesday Night Study (starting February 1st — May 24th)

The Book of Judges — taught by Joe Winnett in the Auditorium

the-book-of-judgesThe Book of Judges involves the study of over 300 years history concerning God’s Old Testament people. These were arguably some of the most turbulent times for the Jewish people. We will see many lessons in the book, but most notably the connection between faithfulness to God and His blessings.


Seeing the Unseen — led by Ken Darnell in the Fellowship Room

stu_logosmallThe Bible clearly teaches the existence of things we cannot see. Several passages in the scriptures teach that there are invisible beings. Do beings roam the earth today who are altogether spiritual, without corporal bodies? In Colossians 1:15-16, Paul says there are things visible and invisible. Then he immediately said, “whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities.” The verse plainly states that invisible thrones, powers, rulers and authorities exist. They are in our world today, and they are working powerfully in our daily lives. This study will expose authorities and powers and illustrate how various spiritual forces work against us, within us, and for us. Come study with us to learn to see and better understand the unseen and prepare yourself for spiritual warfare.

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