August 21 Charles Greenawalt will preach the morning of August 21st and Ken Darnell will preach the evening lesson in Joe’s absence.

August 28th Doug and Diane Wheeler will be here and Doug will preach for us that morning. We will have combined adult classes and our monthly potluck lunch.


It is with grateful hearts that we received Maria Ramirez after her baptism last Sunday morning. Welcome Maria!! Directory information for Maria and her family is available from the church office.


PROVIDERS FOR 2016 has been updated. If you would like to have this updated list, copies are provided on the table at the back of the auditorium.

 human-footprints_318-46627BEAUTIFUL FOOTNOTES

“So, being affectionately desirous of you, we were ready to share with you not only the gospel of God but also our own selves, because you had become very dear to us.” 1 Thessalonians 2:8 (ESV)   It is such a blessing to be able to know about and share in the lives of our other Christians in distant places. What follows is from Nigeria, where Brother Sylvester Imogoh shares News, Needs & Notes from the Ugbogbo church of Christ. Keep these dear brethren in your prayers. For the elders, Ken D

Rains – Just as the farmers feared, when the rains delayed this year, caused a drought that affected farmers and farming in adverse ways. The result of that is the food shortage we are currently experiencing. It was feared that when the rains came, they may become too much. That is exactly what is now happening. We are experiencing rains that are causing troubles in two ways: Too much rain is spoiling the crops in the farms and the rains are also washing away many farms and farm crops. Please pray for us as the troubles of this year alone are enormous.

Elections – The national and state elections are at the corner, and the politicians are galvanizing for the September elections. Please pray that we have less violence in this process.

Community Wars – The wars between Uneme-Erthunum and Okpella has been stopped as traditional rulers are helping to mediate. There was very serious destruction of homes and properties and the gathering of relief materials is being conducted to help those who have suffered much loss.

Appreciation & Prayers – To the very many who have been sending support to us for the work in Nigeria, we are saying THANK YOU! We are grateful for the kindness and sacrifices you have been making to see that we are surviving especially in these hard times. And to everyone, I ask for prayers for me, for my family and for Nigeria as a nation. On July 1st, on my way to speak in a lectureship in Lokoja, Kogi state, the car I was in collided with a pick-up truck loaded with cassava*. I sustained only minor injuries. I was in the front seat, but God rescued me from death. I am thankful. Too many people have died in accidents like that. – Sylvester


*Cassava – a shrubby tropical plant with a starchy root, high in carbohydrates essential to tropical diets.

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